Global Supplement and Drug Data Sets

The world's most comprehensive data set of problematic products for government agencies and regulatory authorities.

Access the world’s most comprehensive data set of supplements, psychoactive substances, and other products flagged by health and safety regulators in 60 countries and 115 jurisdictions.

More than 5,500 new dietary supplements are estimated to be introduced into the global marketplace each year. When you review complaints about a product, do you know what findings other regulatory authorities have already made about the product’s ingredients or marketing? With LegitScript’s Global Supplement and Drug Data Sets you get full access — and ongoing updates — to LegitScript’s global data set of problematic products, ingredients, and their approval statuses.

Why Choose LegitScript

Focus Your Efforts

Keeping track of problematic supplements, designer drugs, and unapproved drugs isn’t easy. With LegitScript’s Global Supplement and Drug Data Sets, you see regulatory information monitored from 60 countries and 115 government agencies. Find out which products and manufacturers have already received regulatory actions so you can focus your time and effort on the right products and people.

Strengthen Your Case

When putting together a case, you need data that can support a successful outcome. Need to verify wrongdoing? LegitScript’s Global Supplement and Drug Data Sets include direct links to published warning letters and other regulatory actions so you can show prior warnings already issued by other government entities.

Rely on Comprehensive, Up-to-date Data

Your time is important. That’s why we deliver data in a convenient spreadsheet format that can be easily filtered, sorted, and matched. You receive twice monthly updates, so you always have the most up-to-date information to work from.

Work with Trusted Data

LegitScript obtains data directly from government agencies and regulatory authorities in the US and around the world.

How It Works

As part of your one year subscription, you will first receive the full data set of problematic products. You will then receive twice monthly updates that clearly separate out all new products added since the last report as well as significant changes made to existing products.

The report contains a comprehensive list of products and ingredients, categorized globally and by individual country.

Products are identified as either having illegal or unsafe ingredients (categorized as “Red Flag”), or making problematic marketing claims of the type that can draw scrutiny from the FDA or FTC (categorized as “Yellow Flag.”)

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