Product Data Sets

Get the data you need to help keep your internet, advertising, and e-commerce platforms clean.

Take the first step in knowing which healthcare merchants and products should be kept off your platform.

With LegitScript Product Data Sets you get access to comprehensive lists of healthcare products and their approval status, including supplements, designer drugs, and pharmaceuticals; pharmacy and telemedicine website classifications; and ongoing updates to those data.

Why Choose LegitScript

Reduce Risk

Inform your global monitoring efforts with comprehensive data that flags rogue pharmacies and illicit healthcare products. LegitScript’s Product Database is international, covering regulatory information from more than 50 countries and 100 government agencies. Applying LegitScript data to your platform helps protect your company against regulatory and reputational risk.


Access to LegitScript data means you can self-monitor your platform on your own terms, while having the ability to remove problematic content with confidence. Reports are updated on an ongoing basis, so you always have the most up-to-date information to work from.

Keep Customers Safe

Protect your customers from rogue pharmacies and illicit healthcare products so they feel safe using your platform. With LegitScript data, you are armed with the information you need to keep your platform clean.

Work With a Trusted Partner

LegitScript is trusted by major search engines and internet platforms around the world to keep their platforms clean.

How It Works

On a daily basis, LegitScript compiles information from around the world about illegal, fraudulent, or unsafe supplements and related products.

Every two weeks you will receive an updated Problematic Products Report. The report contains a comprehensive list of products, categorized globally and by individual country, identified as either having illegal or unsafe ingredients (categorized as “Red Flag”), or making problematic marketing claims of the type that can draw scrutiny from the FDA or FTC (categorized as “Yellow Flag.”)

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