Internet Monitoring

Map, network, and follow the money of criminal organizations selling illicit products online.

Understand and analyze criminal networks selling illicit products with LegitScript internet monitoring.

We help you identify bad actors, determine networks and trends, follow the money, and recommend high-profile targets so you can get continuous intelligence into online criminal activity.

Why Choose LegitScript

Prioritize Your Efforts

Focus your enforcement efforts on taking down criminals who put the public most at risk. LegitScript monitors the internet for bad actors and makes recommendations on those who most prominently appear in search engine results, as well as those who are part of a larger network.

See the Full Picture

Don’t look at data in isolation. Get all the insights you need to build a complete and compelling case. LegitScript delivers extensive DNS, Whois, and keyword information. We analyze data and website content to uncover new criminal networks and connect existing ones so you can see the complete picture.

Follow the Money

Collect evidence and follow the money through test purchases and deep network analysis. LegitScript’s intimate knowledge of activities, patterns, and trends across internet platforms and payment ecosystems means you get even more insight into connected criminal networks and their advertising and merchant account activities.

Work With a Trusted Partner

LegitScript is trusted by the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Criminal Investigations, the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP), and other government and law enforcement agencies around the world. We are also recommended by industry-leading companies including Google, Bing, Visa, and others.

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How It Works

LegitScript compiles a list of organic search engine results, including domain names and visibility rank. From here, we determine which of the top results are affiliated with criminal networks. In a comprehensive review, analysts will confirm the illicit content and analyze the websites’ technical data to recommend high-profile targets, networks, and emerging trends.

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