Investigative Analyses

Protect against cybercriminals with investigative analyses that map out your target’s entire network.

Take down criminal networks with LegitScript investigative analyses.

We piece together your target’s entire network — from associated domain names and internet infrastructure to information about individuals involved, their scope of operations, and jurisdictional violations –- so you can confidently present the information you need to support a successful case.

Why Choose LegitScript

See the Full Picture

LegitScript maps out your target’s entire network of websites, businesses, and associated individuals, helping you tie all the pieces together. We don’t just tell you what and who. We also show you where to find and re-create information to help support your case.

Get Actionable Intelligence

Say goodbye to guesswork. LegitScript analyses are detailed, clear, concise, and backed up with concrete data, including extensive DNS/Whois information. The result: actionable intelligence that allows you to take the next step with enforcement or litigation.

Experience Proven Results

LegitScript has provided investigative analyses for over 750 multinational criminal investigations for federal agents, law enforcement, and private industries. These reports contained actionable intelligence leading to arrests, indictments, and convictions.

Work With a Trusted Partner

LegitScript is trusted by government and law enforcement agencies, as well as trade associations, all around the world.

Our partners include:


How It Works

Our approach to reports is based on three principles. First, we don't analyze websites in isolation; we follow the digital trails to identify and map out the entire network. Second, we think that written analyses should be detailed, clear, and concise. Third, we back up our analyses with concrete data, including extensive DNS/Whois spreadsheets.

The result: actionable intelligence not just on an individual website, but the entire network or group of websites and associates, enabling public and private entities to take the next step with enforcement or litigation.

What's in an investigative report?

Take a look inside a LegitScript investigative report. In this sample report excerpt, LegitScript provides a comprehensive overview of the operations behind an offshore internet service provider (ISP) that appears to serve as a safe-haven for cybercrime. The excerpt includes:

  • An explanation of this ISP and what makes it high risk
  • An overview of the ISP's website portfolio
  • Doman names hosted by the ISP
  • Examples of websites engaged in potentially illegal activity

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