Acquiring Banks & Payment Processors

We monitor for transaction laundering, and accurately vet and analyze merchants for compliance with regulations in high-risk ecommerce areas.

We help onboard and monitor merchants for compliance with Visa's, MasterCard's, and other major payment networks' operating regulations.

With our compliance program, you can:

  • Upload merchants for our review. We'll tell you if it's illegal, high risk, or neither.
  • Make sure that merchants aren't engaged in transaction laundering.
  • Submit merchants for ongoing monitoring.
  • Access our list of legitimate and illicit online pharmacies.
  • Access our list of bad and risky supplements and nutraceuticals.
  • Ask us questions!
“Visa Inc. encourages acquirers to utilize LegitScript monitoring and analysis to ensure that Internet pharmacy and nutraceutical merchants are compliant with Visa International Operating Regulations with regard to Internet pharmacy-related requirements and applicable laws and regulations.”
Visa, Inc., Online Pharmacy Guide for Acquirers, June 2014
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