Certified Merchants

Are you a pharmacy or eyewear merchant, website operator, or advertiser? Let the world know that you operate safely and legally with LegitScript.

Healthcare and iCareRx Certification

If you are a healthcare or eyewear merchant, LegitScript certification helps ensure that you can fully participate in online advertising, e-commerce, and payment processing programs. Some entities—such as Visa, the credit card network—recognize LegitScript certification in lieu of high-risk registration. Without certification or monitoring from a recognized entity like LegitScript, many banks, advertising programs, social media platforms, and e-commerce websites will terminate your account.

Benefits of getting certified by LegitScript:

Accept credit card payments. Visa requires pharmacies to be certified by either LegitScript or the US National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) in order to maintain a merchant account.

Do better in search. Google and Bing incorporate an online pharmacy verification tool operated by LegitScript into their front-page search results for prescription drugs or pharmacies. Also, LegitScript monitoring and data are used by all of the major search engines' online advertising programs.

Be trusted by patients. LegitScript's Internet pharmacy verification tool is used by patients all around the world to determine who they can trust, and is the only third-party certification program recognized by the NABP.

Improve your regulatory compliance. LegitScript's expertise helps applicants identify and correct inadvertent errors in compliance with pharmacy law.