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Keep dangerous, unsafe online pharmacies off of your registration platform.

Peddling fake medicines. Offering prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Selling drugs without a pharmacy license. All this puts people at risk for the sake of personal profit. It can lead to injury, overdose and death. And it’s not free speech. Not taking action against such customers can carry legal liability and risk for some Internet service providers.

We work closely with domain name registrars to prevent the use of their services by illegally operating (“rogue”) Internet pharmacies. We periodically provide anti-abuse services to registrars on a complimentary basis, in the interests of public health. Expanded monitoring services are available for a fee.

What makes an Internet pharmacy "rogue"?

Rogue Internet pharmacies are typically engaged in at least one of three types of illegal activity, and usually all three.

  • Failure to require a valid prescription for prescription drugs, based on an in-person examination.
  • The sale of unapproved drugs, including counterfeit, expired, misbranded or falsified drugs.
  • The dispensing of prescription drugs without a valid pharmacy license in the relevant jurisdiction.

Other types of rogue activity includes stealing customer credit card information or other financial or personal health data. More information can be found in our Internet pharmacy certification standards.

We don’t designate every illegal Internet pharmacy as rogue. Some are merely “unapproved” –– a less serious classification that nevertheless denotes a lack of compliance with LegitScript standards and applicable law. We only report such unapproved pharmacies if specifically requested by a registrar.

LegitScript Guide for Registrar & Registries

LegitScript is pleased to publish a complimentary guide and supporting information for domain name registrars, registries and hosting providers interested in implementing voluntary policies to prohibit rogue Internet pharmacies from using their services.

The guide is intended to be a single reference point for information about the rules that govern Internet prescription drug sales in the jurisdictions most commonly targeted by Internet pharmacies, the risks posed by “rogue” Internet pharmacies, and recommended “best practices.”

Companies that already take voluntary anti-abuse steps against rogue Internet pharmacies, these manuals are intended to help make the process easier. For companies without such policies, we hope that these documents will encourage you to consider voluntarily adopting these or similar policies and procedures.

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