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Meet our team and explore innovative solutions for a dynamic payment landscape.


Meet the Team

Scott Roth, CEO of LegitScript
Scott Roth
CEO of LegitScript
<b>Michael Snow</b><br>Enterprise Account Executive
Michael Snow
Enterprise Account Executive
<b>Rogdrick Craig</b><br>Enterprise Account Executive
Rogdrick Craig
Enterprise Account Executive

No More False Positives, Data Dumps, and Long Risk Exposure Windows

LegitScript Merchant Onboarding helps you quickly vet prospective merchants before they enter your ecosystem, while LegitScript Merchant Monitoring helps you rapidly and confidently action existing merchants with accurate and detailed analysis of website content risk.


Minimize Risk Exposure

Reduce the risks associated with acquiring merchants in low-, medium-, and high-risk verticals in territories across the globe and in multiple languages.


Action With Confidence

Get accurate and detailed merchant analysis from LegitScript investigative analysts and regulatory experts to quickly action merchants and minimize your risk exposure.


Grow Your Business

Identify growth opportunities with support from our policy experts who track regulations and the most extensive data set of merchant activity across the commercial internet.


Get Full Coverage

With LegitScript Merchant Onboarding and Merchant Monitoring, you get full risk support through the entire merchant lifecycle, helping you mitigate risk at every step.

Trusted by industry leaders across the globe:

Reduce Risk in Your Merchant Portfolio

Confidently assess merchant risk of every type, including transaction laundering, to better avoid fines and expand growth opportunities.

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