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With Travel Increasing, so Are Chargeback Risks for Payment Service Providers

Summer is peak travel season and typically one of the busiest times of year for airlines, resorts, and other travel and entertainment businesses with many moving parts. That’s especially true this year, as generally lower levels of COVID-19 cases paired with pent-up demand are yielding travel volume equal to and in some cases greater than…
LegitScript Folks

Rise in Telemedicine Use Poses Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusivity

The pandemic has changed healthcare in the United States, making telemedicine and other online services increasingly commonplace. Although many last year sought out telehealth offerings to avoid exposure to the coronavirus, the convenience of online services may make telehealth a regular feature of people’s healthcare. That’s particularly important for disadvantaged populations, who often have greater…
Chelsea Lincoln
By on July 7, 2021

Leech Websites Serve as Accomplices to the Pirates of Illicit Streaming

  In January of this year, amendments to the Japanese Copyright Act took effect to strengthen internet anti-piracy measures, joining other countries with strict copyright laws such as the US. Japan’s expanded scope includes websites offering illegal downloads of manga, books, newspaper articles, academic journals, and software programs, among other copyrighted materials, and was preceded…
Saya Horie
By on June 16, 2021
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