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What’s Hiding on YOUR Marketplace?

Your marketplace may look clean, but some sellers are secretly listing violative products. LegitScript Marketplace Monitoring helps you quickly identify and remove problematic products across your platform to protect your customers and your brand reputation.

Infographic showing high-risk products on marketplaces.

High-risk Products Often Hide in Plain Sight

Download our infographic on top keywords to help you identify 11 common high-risk products. Examples:

  • Illicit Drugs
  • Counterfeits
  • Problematic Supplements
  • Weapons Parts
  • and more...

The World’s Largest E-commerce Marketplaces Trust LegitScript

We help risk & compliance and trust & safety teams like yours safeguard and grow their businesses by tapping into LegitScript's global regulatory and subject matter expertise.


Reduce Your Risk

Quickly identify and remove problematic products on your platform — in dozens of high-risk categories and in countries around the world.


Safeguard Your Brand

Protect your reputation and build public trust by delivering a safe, reliable experience for sellers and their customers.


Grow Your Business

Identify opportunities for growth in new industries and geographies so that you can safely and confidently increase your revenue.

Reach Your Growth Goals While Staying Compliant

Find out how LegitScript's advanced technology, robust data sets, and human expertise make us the leader in identifying high-risk products, ads, and more.

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