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Marketplace Monitoring

Marketplace Monitoring Resource Center

Accurate, Thorough Monitoring That Provides Actionable Insights — at Scale.

Marketplace Monitoring Resource Center

It’s essential online e-commerce marketplaces maintain compliance with national and international regulatory guidance to prevent consumer harm and/or brand damage. This includes quickly identifying and removing high-risk and/or problematic products while confidently growing into new jurisdictions and industries.

This risk and compliance resource hub provides actionable insights into some of the regulations, laws, and/or acts that LegitScript Marketplace Monitoring helps online e-commerce marketplaces maintain compliance with.

Risk and Compliance for E-commerce Marketplaces

E-commerce Compliance Requirements Protect Consumers and Marketplaces

E-commerce marketplaces must maintain compliance with national and international law as well as their associated regulatory bodies.

How Marketplaces Can Maintain Compliance with DSHEA Guidelines

Online e-commerce marketplaces must maintain compliance with the DSHEA guidelines — here’s how they do it.


What is the INFORM Consumers Act? And How It Impacts Your Marketplace

What is the INFORM Consumers act? It was enacted by the FTC to protect consumers that shop on e-commerce marketplaces.

Marketplace Monitoring Buyers Guide

In this guide, we compare the pros and cons between in-house and third-party marketplace monitoring, and then compare third-party solutions to help you decide whether one is a good fit for your compliance needs.

Protect Your Marketplace from High-Risk and Problematic Products

What are High-risk Products and Why Are They Problematic?

Discover what makes high-risk products and businesses so problematic, and what policies determine the monetary violations for them.

What Are Unapproved Drugs? And Why They’re Found on E-commerce Marketplaces

The FDA hasn’t always had the authority to approve drugs — some unapproved drugs were in circulation decades before the FDCA was enacted.


What You Need to Know about the Best Way to Reduce Counterfeit Risk

Marketplaces can significantly reduce their exposure to counterfeit risk by following these best practices.

What You Need to Know about Dietary Supplement Health Claims

While the market continues to grow the number of consumers shopping online is steadily rising — and so are the number of dietary supplements.

What Are Class III Medical Devices? And What Marketplaces Need to Know

Discover what Class III medical devices are and the regulatory environment surrounding them.

Reach Your Growth Goals While Staying Compliant

Find out how LegitScript's advanced technology, robust data sets, and human expertise make us the leader in identifying high-risk products, ads, and more.