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Top High-risk Trends for 2023 That Put Internet Platforms at Risk

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The commercial internet is dynamic — it must constantly adapt to advancing technologies, changing regulations, criminal innovation, and new products. Navigating this ever-shifting landscape can be both difficult and time-consuming.

In this educational webinar, LegitScript experts share the top new high-risk trends in the internet space that social media and e-commerce marketplaces should be aware of for 2023 and beyond. You will also see case studies of problematic sellers and users, and find additional resources to help answer common questions about these trends and how to navigate them. Topics include:

  • Novel cannabinoids
  • “Buy this, get that” schemes
  • Non-nicotine vapes
  • "Pig butchering" scams
  • Fake documents
  • And many more!

Attendees will also be among the first to download our new Top 10 High-risk Trends Guide that goes into even greater detail. Register today!