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Healthcare Certification

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, TikTok, Visa, and Mastercard recognize LegitScript certification to show the world their providers operate legally.

Why LegitScript Healthcare Certification?

LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification provides a recognized stamp of approval for businesses that facilitate transactions for pharmacies. Certification is included within the approval process for conducting card-not-present transactions with Visa and Mastercard, and for advertising on major platforms. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, TikTok, Netflix, Visa, and Mastercard all recognize LegitScript certification to show the world their providers operate legally. Certification is a powerful way to gain patient trust and ensure that your business is operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Ready to Apply?

Check out our application checklist prior to submission to best prepare yourself for Certification.

Let the World Know You Operate Safely


Participate in Payment Processing

Visa and Mastercard recognize LegitScript healthcare certification.


Unlock Your Advertising Potential

Grow your business by advertising your business on major online platforms.


Gain the Trust of Patients and Families

Earn the confidence of patients who are wary of online healthcare.

The Following Partners Recognize LegitScript's Healthcare Certification Program

77% of Patients Use Online Search to Find New Healthcare Providers

Search engines and social media platforms are where patients search for healthcare providers. Read our Executive Summary to learn why certification is a good return on investment.

LegitScript's Healthcare Certification.
LegitScript's Healthcare Certification.

Stand Out From the Crowd With LegitScript Certification

Get certified faster by knowing where to start. Our Healthcare Primer provides you with important information to get you started on your certification journey.

We’re Here to Support You in Your Certification and Beyond

Healthcare is a complex and highly regulated industry. We help providers like you avoid inadvertent noncompliance that could bar you from accessing advertising and payment processing. In the following guide, we've gathered the top tips to help healthcare providers to stay compliant online.

LegitScript's Healthcare Certification.

Safe Ads Start With Us

Certification isn’t just a requirement to advertise on Google, Meta, and Microsoft — it communicates your legitimacy and helps build trust. Get started with us today.