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In the healthcare world, trust is everything.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, TikTok, and major payment service providers to certify reliable, trustworthy healthcare and pharmacy websites. We’re working to make it easier for them to promote the good and eliminate untrustworthy sites.

Is Certification Good for Business?

LegitScript helps you grow your business, build trust with prospective patients, and achieve better return on investment.

Looking to grow? You’ll need LegitScript Certification to advertise on major platforms like Google and Bing.

Need to process card-not-present transactions? Both Visa and Mastercard require certification and monitoring by an approved organization like LegitScript.

And that’s just the start. Click the link below to see why LegitScript Certification is right for your business.

Given concerns around receiving specialty healthcare via telemedicine, it’s all the more important for an innovative business like ours to have a badge of trust that lets potential and current patients know we’re a legitimate healthcare provider. ... LegitScript certification tells customers that we’ll handle their personal medical information responsibly.

Steven Gutentag, Co-founder, Thirty Madison

Commit to Transparency
Keep Your Healthcare Business Healthy

Pharmacies, telemedicine providers, and other healthcare merchants can prove they operate safely and in compliance with our high standards with LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification.

Without it? Your account could be vulnerable to suspension by many payment providers. And you'll be limited in your ability to advertise on major search engines and social media platforms, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and TikTok.

Want to better understand how LegitScript Certification works? Read our Terms and Conditions.

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The LegitScript certification is essential to our business as it builds trust and allows us to advertise on digital platforms like Google and Meta (Facebook).

Frank Westermann, Co-founder and Co-CEO,

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