About LegitScript

About LegitScript

At LegitScript, we believe in the potential of the commercial internet to connect people to the products and services they’re looking for. We’re here to help by supporting legitimate business activities and by giving cybercriminals nowhere to hide — even in the internet’s darkest corners.

Our Vision

We envision a commercial internet that makes life better for everyone, where individuals and businesses can make informed decisions based on accurate information about who they are working with and what they’re buying.

That’s why we strive to be the most trusted advisers to inform businesses, governments, and the public about which commercial entities are legitimate, legal, and trustworthy — and which are not.

We’re trusted by:

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How We Work

LegitScript makes the internet and online payments safer for legitimate businesses and their customers by uniting comprehensive big data and unparalleled human expertise to weed out criminal activity and unethical practices.We work where the need is greatest: in highly regulated and complex sectors, including transaction laundering detection, pharmaceuticals, online gambling, and more.

Our work across sectors — and across the visible and “dark” web — leaves us with a uniquely multidimensional view of the entire compliance ecosystem. That’s how we’re able to provide unparalleled insights from all industries and angles, empowering businesses and governments to understand what they’re up against and act accordingly.

LegitScript is trusted by the world’s largest search engines, e-commerce platforms, payment companies, and regulatory agencies in countries around the world. That trust means everything to us.

I love that my job is a puzzle piece to a bigger goal of creating a safer space for vulnerable populations.

– Aubrey Yates, LegitScript Certification Analyst

Our Approach to Cybercrime

Online crime is big business. Driven by a mix of small-time shady characters and massive, international networks, cybercrime causes annual damages in the trillions of dollars. And while these criminal transactions may happen in “virtual” spaces, they take a very real toll on victims’ lives.

Combating cybercrime at this scale begins by understanding how it works and tracking it across the commercial internet, the dark web, and the payments systems that tie them together. It takes insights derived from massive quantities of data and expert analysts who know how to put all of the pieces together.

That’s what it takes, so that’s what we do.

Our Services
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    Merchant Monitoring

    LegitScript helps acquirers, payment service providers, and ISOs confidently onboard and monitor merchants for compliance, even in regulated, high-risk areas.

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    Platform Monitoring

    LegitScript helps global e-commerce, search, and social media platforms detect, monitor, and proactively screen against problematic content and advertisers engaged in illicit activity.

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    Brand Monitoring

    LegitScript helps businesses stay in control of their product and service presence on the internet and develop actionable strategies to protect their brands.

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    LegitScript Certification helps legitimate pharmacies, telemedicine providers, addiction treatment facilities, and CBD products and merchants show the highest level of credibility.

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    Database Lookups

    Product and website legitimacy can be checked against LegitScript’s database of dietary supplements, designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products and websites.

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    LegitScript helps government and law enforcement agencies protect against cybercrime by mapping out entire criminal networks.

Multilingual. Multinational.
At LegitScript, Diversity is Business Critical

We come from over 20 different countries (US, Japan, China, Russia, France, Germany, South Korea, Israel … you get the picture) and speak more than 15 languages. Not only do we celebrate our differences, we also count on our team’s diversity of skills, insights, and perspectives to deliver on our mission.

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Powered by People

LegitScript was founded in 2007 in response to the proliferation of dangerous counterfeit pharmaceuticals on the commercial internet. We’ve grown and changed a lot since then, but we’ve always stayed true to our core beliefs: that the internet should be a safe place for people to do business and that people — human experts — were essential to bringing that vision to life.

Today, our large and growing team is working hard to do just that.

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