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Safety and Transparency for the Commercial Internet

Our work with the world's leading internet platforms, marketplaces, payments companies, and federal agencies give us an unparalleled view of the commercial internet.


Our Solutions

Merchant Monitoring

Reduce the risks associated with acquiring merchants in low- and high-risk verticals across the globe and confidently scale your business.

Marketplace Monitoring

LegitScript helps e-commerce marketplaces detect, monitor, and proactively screen against problematic products and sellers engaged in illicit activity.

Ad Monitoring

LegitScript helps search engines, social media companies, and other online platforms quickly identify and remove problematic ads.

Compliance Solutions

LegitScript’s database of problematic products and team of investigative analysts help companies identify and weed out bad actors and their wares.

Website Change Detection

Fluxguard delivers advanced website change intelligence with AI-powered insights for businesses seeking to reduce risk, increase compliance, monitor competitors, and more.

Our Unique Mix of Data, Technology, and People Is What Sets Us Apart

We help risk & compliance and trust & safety teams stay ahead of problematic activity, keep updated on emerging trends, and explore growth into new markets.

Our People

We have the industry's largest team of investigative analysts and regulatory experts to provide the most accurate analysis and reporting and to ensure your teams can expand into new markets with confidence.

Our Technology

LegitScript's AI-powered merchant and marketing intelligence platform ingests millions of data points daily, which are then analyzed through our proprietary machine learning to yield relevant, targeted insights.

Our Data

We have spent more than 15 years classifying problematic products, e-commerce listings, and online marchant content to develop the world's most robust data sets of problematic product and merchant activity online.

We're Putting Our Data to Work for You

LegitScript's monitoring solutions are fueled by OneView, our AI-powered Market and Merchant Intelligence Platform. OneView ingests millions of data points daily, which are analyzed through our proprietary machine learning to yield relevant and targeted insights for our analysts and customers.


Ready to Learn More?

Learn how LegitScript’s best-in-class solutions can help you mitigate your risk, build trust, and grow your business more confidently.