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Detect Website Changes With Artificial Intelligence

Easily Track, Analyze, and Respond to Critical Changes in Web-based Data

One Solution. Multiple Uses.

Everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies rely on Fluxguard as the foundation for their monitoring and intelligence strategies. They use Fluxguard for:


Regulatory Compliance

Streamline change tracking, scale intelligence, and reduce risk associated with missed updates. Compliance management and regulatory change management teams use Fluxguard to stay ahead of rule changes.


Competitive Intelligence

Gain the upper hand in market battles by leveraging AI to detect web changes across competitor platforms. Fluxguard’s intelligent system pinpoints and notifies you instantly about competitor updates.


Defacement Monitoring

Detect inadvertent defects and malicious edits on your own website. Our solution offers comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and reporting to protect your web assets from defacement by malicious attackers.


Privacy Compliance

Identify and fix changes to privacy compliance to avoid brand damage and regulatory action. Fluxguard helps ensure you are always operating in compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.


Brand Safety & Reputation

Monitor your own web properties to make sure you aren’t leaking sensitive information. Fluxguard ensures that your websites work as designed, specifically around large and important product launches.


Third-party Monitoring

Monitor the websites of companies that you do business with to ensure they are in compliance with the specific parameters of your relationship. Fluxguard helps you scale and streamline your vendor relationships.

Website Change Intelligence Powered by AI

Engineered in partnership with the US Air Force, Fluxguard automates risk detection from subtle digital clues and resistant data. Here’s how it works:

Crawls and Collects
Fluxguard first obtains data from often-complex web sources.

Evaluates and Prioritizes
Next, Fluxguard determines relevance to the customer’s rules and needs.

Transforms and Enriches
Fluxguard then uses change monitoring, ad hoc rules, and artificial intelligence to tailor insights to each customer.

Integrates and Acts
Finally, Fluxguard dovetails results into your ecosystem when and where you need it.

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Simple Setup. Advanced Customization.

With Fluxguard, you’re empowered to:

  • Leverage practical AI to evaluate and summarize web changes
  • Accelerate regulatory intelligence to reduce costs and mitigate risks
  • Automate crawling, collection, evaluation, and integration of web change insights
  • Monitor entire websites, not just one-off pages
  • Integrate our regulatory intelligence platform into your workflow and team structure
  • Collect and enrich complex web data

LegitScript Acquires Fluxguard

LegitScript's monitoring and investigative analysis solutions — now combined with Fluxguard’s AI-powered website change detection —  can better serve the constantly evolving needs of risk and compliance teams across the globe.