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Social Media

What’s Being Marketed on Your Platform?

The FTC reported that US consumers lost more than $1.2 billion in 2022 from fraud that started on social media — more than any other contact method. Let's put a stop to it.

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LegitScript is trusted by the world's leading social media companies to quickly identify problematic ads that can harm consumers and damage a company’s reputation.

Reduce Your Risk, Safeguard Your Brand, and Expand Your Business

Digital marketing is dynamic and prolific, making it hard to keep up. With AI-enhanced technology, global regulatory experts, and multilingual analysts, LegitScript helps you stay ahead of problematic paid content by monitoring areas of concern on your platform at scale.


Reduce Your Risk

Quickly identify and remove problematic ads and organic content  — in dozens of high-risk verticals and in countries across the globe.


Safeguard Your Brand

Protect your reputation and build public trust by delivering a safe, reliable experience for advertisers and users on your platform.


Grow Your Ad Revenue

Identify opportunities for growth in new industries and geographies so that you can safely and compliantly increase your revenue.

Being Trendy Isn’t Always a Good Thing

LegitScript experts track problematic trends on the internet that can harm consumers and damage the brands of social media companies. Learn about the latest threats to your platform and its users by downloading our Top 10 High-risk Trends Guide.

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See LegitScript Ad Monitoring in Action

Learn all about our best-in-class solution and see if it's right for you and your team.