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Payment Service Providers & ISOs

Is Your Merchant Portfolio at Risk?

At least 50%-70% of online sales for illicit drugs, counterfeit goods, and unlawful adult content involve some form of transaction laundering.

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LegitScript is trusted by the world’s leading payment companies to reduce risk with continuous monitoring throughout a merchant’s lifecycle.

Avoid Card Brand Fines and Enter New Areas of Growth With Confidence

LegitScript helps companies facilitating payment transactions to identify and remove problematic merchants while empowering them to confidently expand into new industries and markets.


Reduce Your Risk

Reduce the risks associated with acquiring merchants of any risk level by monitoring your portfolio’s merchants quickly after ingestion and continuously throughout their lifecycle.


Action With Confidence

Get accurate and detailed merchant analysis from LegitScript investigative analysts and regulatory experts, with results that help you eliminate false positives.


Grow Your Business

Identify growth opportunities with support from our policy experts who track regulations and the most extensive data set of merchant activity across the commercial internet.

See LegitScript Merchant Monitoring in Action

Learn all about our best-in-class solution and see if it's right for you and your risk and compliance team.