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Payment Facilitators & ISOs

Is Merchant Risk Slowing Your Growth?

LegitScript helps you detect risk, minimize friction points, and comply with acquirer rules so that you can focus on growing your business.

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LegitScript Is Trusted by the World’s Leading Payment Companies to Reduce Risk With Continuous Monitoring Throughout a Merchant’s Life Cycle

Grow Your Business Confidently With a Comprehensive Merchant Risk Strategy

LegitScript helps payment facilitators and ISOs assess and manage merchant risk throughout the merchant lifecycle to confidently expand into new industries and markets.


Reduce Your Risk

Reduce your risk exposure by monitoring merchants in your portfolio and in your downstream quickly after ingestion and continuously throughout their life cycle.


Action With Confidence

Get accurate and detailed merchant analysis from investigative analysts and regulatory experts, with results that help you eliminate false positives.


Grow Your Business

Identify growth opportunities with support from LegitScript policy experts and our extensive data set of merchant activity across the commercial internet.

LegitScript Helps Payment Facilitators and ISOs Overcome the Challenges of Risk Mitigation

Gaps in underwriting, insufficient risk control measures, and the pressure to grow quickly can put your business at risk.

How Insufficient Merchant Risk Mitigation Impacts You

  • Unexpected card network fines
  • Brand and reputational damage
  • Regulatory scrutiny and resulting litigation and penalties
  • Increased operating costs associated with responding to card network violation notices
  • Stressed relationships with acquirers
  • Financial losses and excessive credit risk

How LegitScript Helps You Manage Your Risk

  • We provide accurate intel regarding risk and violations in your merchant portfolio.
  • We deliver real-time reports that are easy to understand and can incorporate automated actioning.
  • We reduce false positives and negatives, minimizing the risk of card network violations and running afoul of your upstream acquirers.
  • We provide expertise on global regulations across high-risk verticals to help you avoid regulatory penalties and explore new markets.

See LegitScript Merchant Onboarding and Merchant Monitoring in Action

Learn all about our best-in-class solutions and see if they're right for your risk and compliance team.