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The Why Behind LegitScript

Why LegitScript?

As the leader in merchant and product certification and monitoring in the e-commerce and payment sectors, LegitScript helps companies mitigate risk, build trust, and grow their business.

Why LegitScript?

Our Data, Technology, and People Is What Set Us Apart

We help risk & compliance and trust & safety teams keep ahead of problematic activity, stay updated on emerging trends, and explore growth into new markets.


Our People

We have the industry's largest team of investigative analysts and regulatory experts to provide the most accurate analysis and reporting, ensuring your teams can expand into new markets with confidence.


Our Data

We have spent more than 15 years classifying problematic products, e-commerce listings, and online merchant content to develop the world's most robust data sets of problematic product and merchant activity online.


Our Technology

LegitScript's AI-powered merchant and marketplace intelligence platform ingests millions of data points daily, which are analyzed through our proprietary machine learning to yield relevant and targeted insights.

Unparalleled Data Intelligence

LegitScript is fueled by OneView, our AI-powered market and merchant intelligence platform. OneView ingests millions of data points daily, which are then analyzed through our proprietary machine learning to yield relevant and targeted insights for our analysts and customers. No one has a better view of the commercial internet.

A diverse group of business people gather around a laptop in a modern office and discuss what they see.

Multilingual. Multinational. Multitalented.

LegitScript analysts and policy experts come from more than 20 different countries and collectively speak more than 18 languages. We track over 175 regulatory bodies in more than 100 countries, giving our customers the global insight and regulatory expertise to confidently grow their businesses.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Why trust LegitScript? Because some of the world’s leading organizations already do. That includes Google, Microsoft, and Meta in the online space; Shopify, and North American Bancard in the payments space; and leading trade and advocacy groups in addiction treatment and healthcare.

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Ready to Learn More?

Learn how LegitScript’s best-in-class solutions can help you mitigate your risk, build trust with partners and the public, and grow your business more confidently.