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Reduce Risk On Your Advertising Platform

LegitScript Ad Monitoring quickly identifies violative paid advertisements to help you protect your brand and grow your business.

Online Ads Are Dynamic and Prolific, Making It Hard to Keep Up

LegitScript’s combination of advanced technology and human expertise helps you stay ahead of problematic ads by monitoring areas of concern on your search engine or social media platform at scale.


Reduce Your Risk

Quickly identify and remove problematic ads on your platform — in dozens of high-risk verticals in countries across the globe.


Safeguard Your Brand

Protect your reputation and build public trust by delivering a safe, reliable experience for your advertisers and users.


Grow Your Ad Revenue

Identify opportunities for revenue growth so that you can safely expand advertising to new industries and geographies.

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Avoid Brand Damage, User Harm, and Regulatory Scrutiny

One of the greatest assets to a company is its brand equity. LegitScript’s Ad Monitoring can help you reduce the risk of brand-damaging advertisements that can have devastating effects on your business and harm consumers.

Monitor the High-risk Products and Services You Care Most About

Our regulatory experts track dozens of industries and can help you mitigate your risk in areas of concern, including:

  • CBD and cannabis
  • Cosmetics
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Drugs and supplements
  • Hateful/harmful content
  • Political content
  • Weapons
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Partner With the Team That Trust & Safety Teams Trust

We work as an extension of the risk & compliance and trust & safety teams for the largest search engines and social media platforms in the world. Our regulatory expertise and monitoring experience help you:

  • Improve internal processes
  • Refine policies
  • Free up employee time
  • Focus on the consumer experience
  • Strategize about growth

Increase Revenue by Exploring New Industries and Markets

Our experts track global regulations across high-risk verticals to help you explore new markets and revenue opportunities with confidence.


Regulatory bodies




High-risk areas

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