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Compliance Solutions

With the world's most robust data sets on problematic merchant activity online, we are at the forefront of emerging trends.

LegitScript compliance solutions.

Our Compliance Solutions Are Backed by Big Data and Analyst Expertise

In addition to our monitoring, certification, and change detection solutions, LegitScript offers:


Database Lookups

Our Database Lookup solution offers access to the world’s largest database of supplements, drugs, and other healthcare products, enabling companies to check the status of these products and ingredients, and verify the legitimacy of rogue and certified websites. Policy experts update the database regularly.


Investigative Reports

LegitScript’s investigative team helps governments and law enforcement take action against cybercriminals, piecing together illicit networks — from associated domain names and internet infrastructure to information about individuals involved, their scope of operations, and jurisdictional violations.

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Verify the Legitimacy of Healthcare Products and Ingredients

LegitScript has the world's largest database of problematic dietary supplements, designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products. And our team of regulatory experts proactively identifies and adds more every day.

LegitScript's Database Lookups solution gives you access to:

  • 225,000+ product listings with country-specific regulatory information
  • Insights to know what merchants to trust
  • Data on what problematic products to avoid

Confidently Verify Merchant Websites

LegitScript’s Database Lookups solution provides access to published websites to help you identify rogue online pharmacies as well as LegitScript-certified pharmaceutical, CBD, and addiction treatment websites. LegitScript is officially recognized by Visa for providing certification for card-not-present pharmacy merchants and telemedicine providers.

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Protect Against Cybercriminals With LegitScript Investigative Analyses

LegitScript Investigative Analyses are focused on providing actionable intelligence that allows you to take the next step with enforcement.

Our team maps out your target’s entire network of websites, businesses, and associated individuals, helping you tie all the pieces together. We don’t just tell you what and who. We also show you where to find and re-create information to help support your case.

Ready to Learn More?

Talk to one of our compliance experts to learn how our compliance data and investigative analyses can help your organization.