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Telehealth Marketing Webinar

[Learn] How a High-Performing Digital Marketing Campaign Can Convert New Patients in the Ultra-Competitive Telehealth Industry

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The telehealth industry is seeing massive growth: the market, valued at $128 billion in 2022, is projected to grow to more than $504 billion by 2030. Increasing adoption of telehealth services is creating amazing opportunities, but also substantial competition. As a telehealth provider, how do you stand out?

In this free, one-hour webinar, experts from the Advance Local / Oregonian Media Group share best practices for creating a high-performing, omni-channel digital marketing campaign that drives engagement, reaches potential patients, and ensures your brand’s impactful saturation in the competitive marketplace.

They’ll cover the following topics:

  • Growth of the health industry and what this means for telehealth
  • How to determine your marketing budget
  • Tips to help your website and landing pages convert
  • Insight into the patient journey and how to build a strong digital marketing campaign
Webinar Panelists
  • Mica O’Ray, Oregonian Media Group
  • John McPhee, Oregonian Media Group
  • Janet Szapucki, LegitScript