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Why Did BlueSnap Choose LegitScript Merchant Monitoring?

Ilyssa Papa, Risk Manager at BlueSnap, explains why LegitScript's Merchant Monitoring solution is important for payment service providers as a way to expand their merchant portfolios and grow their business.

As the Risk Manager at BlueSnap, Ilyssa Papa proactively detects and mitigates risk and fraud concerns. She manages a team of employees who are set to monitor and review all merchants, including their processing activity, that get boarded onto the BlueSnap platform for the entirety of their life cycle.

Keep reading to hear about Ilyssa's experience with LegitScript Merchant Monitoring.

In the following Q&A, Ilyssa shares her team’s experience with LegitScript Merchant Monitoring.

Tell us a bit about BlueSnap and its mission.

BlueSnap is a payment technology company that helps businesses accept global payments a better way. Their Payment Orchestration Platform is designed to increase sales and reduce costs for all businesses accepting payments. BlueSnap supports payments across all geographies through multiple sales channels such as online and mobile sales, marketplaces, subscriptions, invoice payments, and manual orders through a virtual terminal. And for businesses looking for embedded payments, BlueSnap offers white-labeled payments for platforms with automated underwriting and onboarding that supports marketplaces and split payments.

Why did BlueSnap partner with LegitScript?

We chose to partner with LegitScript due to the services that LegitScript offers (content compliance). LegitScript has met and exceeded our expectations in some capacities and continues to develop and work on its solution in other capacities to satisfy our ongoing wants and needs specific to our business.

What does LegitScript do better than your previous process?

LegitScript does a great job of communicating with us, providing transparency and analysis into trends in the industry, and they are great at being proactive in staying up-to-date on current events and amending their monitoring capabilities to be able to adapt to those current events.


LegitScript saves my team time by performing ongoing monitoring of all websites on our portfolio. The details they provide on flagged merchants make it easy to understand the issue at hand.

Ilyssa Papa, Risk Manager at BlueSnap

How does LegitScript’s solution impact your team’s work?

LegitScript saves my team time by performing ongoing monitoring of all websites on our portfolio. The details they provide on flagged merchants make it easy to understand the issue at hand. LegitScript has proven to be good at catching content and keywords that could be problematic from a processing perspective.

Even if a flag is something that we might not take action on, LegitScript always alerts us appropriately for review.

What if your analysts have a question about a merchant that LegitScript has flagged?

The team is always available for questions and quick to respond. If they do not know the answer right away, they will investigate it immediately and get back to us with a detailed explanation in a reasonable amount of time.

Additionally, and most importantly, they are open to feedback and work together with my team and me to make sure they are constantly providing the best results they can on an ongoing basis specific to our wants/needs as a company.

How would you describe LegitScript to another payments company looking for a merchant monitoring service provider?

LegitScript is a growing company with a lot of potential in a very competitive space. They offer unique value and continue to develop their solution to be both competitive in the space and to fit the needs of their customers.

While LegitScript is one of the many tools we use for compliance, we greatly enjoy the relationship we share and appreciate the value they add to the safety and protection of our portfolio.

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