Why did BNI Treatment Centers choose LegitScript Certification?

Headshot of Arastou Aminzadeh of BNI Treatment Centers
Dr. Arastou Aminzadeh, co-founder of BNI Treatment Centers, talks about his experience of applying for LegitScript Certification, and why he would recommend it to other addiction treatment providers looking to expand their business.

Behavioral Neuroscience Institute (BNI) Treatment Centers is a residential behavioral health treatment program dedicated to empowering teens struggling with various conditions or issues.

The center, which treats those aged 12 to 17, offers individualized treatment plans to help teens overcome challenges and get their lives back on a positive trajectory. BNI was founded and is operated by two physicians with expertise in addiction and psychiatry, offering the highest level of care available. The program is also CARF accredited, ensuring industry standards of excellence.

In the following Q&A, Dr. Aminzadeh talks about his experience of applying for LegitScript Certification, and why he would recommend it to other addiction treatment providers looking to expand their business.

How is the treatment of teens different from adults and other populations?

Teen treatment differs from adult treatment in many ways. The treatment plan for teens is age-appropriate and designed around their specific conditions, needs, and history. Teen treatment plans may offer the same or similar types of therapies as adults, but they will be adjusted to the specific age and maturity of the teen patient. The teen treatment center environment and experiential therapies and activities are also tailored to this age group. During teen residential treatment, an on-site school is offered to help our teen patients with academics so they do not fall behind.

What prompted BNI to apply for LegitScript certification?

BNI Treatment Centers applied to become LegitScript-certified to be in compliance with the regulations and standards for advertising on Google, Facebook, and Bing. Advertising online is an important channel for BNI Treatment Centers to reach parents and families who are seeking help and treatment for their teens.

How does certification work into your advertising plan?

Being LegitScript-certified is key to our online advertising because we use many of the advertising platforms that require LegitScript’s certification. So, it is a big part of our advertising plan. Additionally, LegitScript Certification shows that our marketing practices are following a high standard.

How was the certification process for you?

BNI Treatment Centers compiled all the requested documentation required to meet the requirements. Once we submitted this information, we waited to receive confirmation that we were approved. Overall, the process was smooth and we were provided an outline and checklist of what we needed to provide.

You are CARF-accredited, so why get LegitScript-certified?

BNI Treatment Center is proud to be an authority teen residential center. Having CARF certification provides families assurance that our treatment standards are of high quality and closely regulated. LegitScript Certification complements CARF accreditation by showing that we follow high standards in our business practices and marketing activities.

Does LegitScript Certification help families of affected teens feel that your facility is safe and trustworthy?

LegitScript Certification has helped legitimate and licensed treatment centers reach families who are in need of direct and quality treatment services. With LegitScript Certification, families are provided more assurance that they are calling a treatment program that has been vetted.

Any advice for others in the addition treatment industry?

If you follow the outline provided, the LegitScript certification process can be a smooth set up for your program.


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