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LegitScript CBD Certification: How One Skincare Maker Is Turning a “Gray Area” Product Into a Green Opportunity

Earth-loving, Purpose-driven, CBD-infused Skincare Products

Eossi Beauty manufactures earth-loving, purpose-driven, CBD- infused skincare products. In creating her CBD product line, owner and founder Shannon Kaygi sought to create clean products without chemicals or harsh ingredients.

Doing so, however, required Eossi Beauty to navigate the complex and highly regulated CBD market. In this customer success story, Kaygi talks about creating her luxury CBD skincare line and shares how LegitScript Certification has been an essential part of marketing her products and growing her business.

In the following Q&A with Kaygi, hear more about Eossi Beauty’s experience getting LegitScript-certified, and then see whether certification is right for you.

What prompted Eossi Beauty to get LegitScript-certified?

I have always been a big stickler for compliance. I started in the cannabis industry at a compliance software company back in 2016, and what I learned there has followed me through each of my businesses. I’ve always held a strong belief in operating my business with integrity, particularly in an industry that often operates in a gray area. Upholding proper business practices is something I find crucial and have consistently valued. I found my way to LegitScript by researching how to advertise on Go

How was the application process for you?

The application process has been quite extensive and feels to a certain degree like it is always ongoing. I welcomed the recommended changes and valued the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the communication guidelines and restrictions. The team at LegitScript has been incredibly cooperative, providing clear and detailed guidance on modifications required for my content, along with the reasons behind them. Understanding the rationale for these changes has been invaluable for my ongoing learning and compliance. Whenever I update my website or Instagram, I’m careful to consider LegitScript’s guidelines, making sure my content aligns with what's permissible to maintain my certification.

What online platforms do you advertise on, and why is advertising important for your business?

I’ve been utilizing Google and Facebook. Operating in an industry that’s still emerging requires us to focus heavily on educating our consumers. To this end, I am continually developing communications that enlighten and inform our audience. Advertisements play a crucial role in disseminating these educational messages, making them an indispensable tool in our marketing arsenal.

I love working with the LegitScript team. This certification and the knowledge I have gained through it have brought me huge value, and will help propel my business to the next level by instilling trust in my clientele.

- Shannon Kaygi, Owner and Founder of Eossi Beauty

How has CBD’s ever-changing regulatory landscape impacted Eossi Beauty?

It affects every aspect of my business. I have worked through credit card processing, Instagram regulations, Shop Pay, and PayPal issues. It has been difficult, but the further down the road I go, the more I understand it. I am a fighter and I feel very blessed to be a pioneer in the hemp industry.

Do you think there is still a stigma for some about accessing CBD online? Does certification help build trust?

A lot of people still associate CBD with THC, and that is the hardest part to dissociate. People are confused by its effects — often thinking it can get you high. Since the industry is in such a gray area, it’s hard to trust certain products. The bad actors make it harder on those of us trying to do it the right way. I do see those products going away slowly as the industry starts to become legitimized. Any certification you can add to your business helps to add legitimacy. I am very excited and proud to be able to share my LegitScript certification with our potential customers.

How does LegitScript certification help you achieve your goals?

LegitScript CBD Certification is an important layer for us to build upon. As we try to make a name for ourselves in the hemp industry, anything that can set me apart from the mainstream is a huge benefit for our business and brand. I love working with the LegitScript team. This certification and the knowledge I have gained through it have brought me huge value and will help propel my business to the next level by instilling trust in my clientele and helping reach more customers.

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