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How LegitScript Certification Helped Symetria Grow Its Patient Base

Unlock Your Potential with LegitScript

Symetria Recovery — a multi-clinic addiction treatment provider in Illinois and Texas — unlocked 25% more patients when LegitScript Certification enabled advertising on Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Instagram.

As Vice President of Marketing at Symetria Recovery, Michelle Segovia knows what it takes to drive patients through digital marketing at a lower cost per admission. It requires a comprehensive SEO strategy, effective PPC campaigns, conversations rate optimization, and LegitScript Certification to make these marketing efforts possible.

In the following Q&A, Michelle shares more about her team’s experience obtaining LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification.

How does LegitScript Certification benefit multi-clinic, multi-state outpatient providers like you? What benefits can other multi-clinic providers expect?

LegitScript Certification unifies our 12 Symetria Recovery clinics under one high standard of care. It helps streamline our compliance processes across the different states. As a result, the certification assures patients that regardless of location, they receive quality treatment from qualified professionals. Other multi-clinic providers considering certification can expect the same enhanced trust from both patients and healthcare partners across different regions.

How did LegitScript Certification impact your advertising efforts and help you grow your business?

Google Ads is an extremely valuable advertising channel for Symetria Recovery — driving around 25% of patients to our clinics. LegitScript Certification opens up access to this critical advertising channel. Just as important, the certification keeps out bad actors, i.e. providers and affiliates that don’t have treatment centers.

Before LegitScript, said affiliates used Google Ads to drive calls and leads that they’d sell to treatment centers at a markup. The concept raises the cost of patient acquisition as treatment centers have to pay affiliates extra money for leads the treatment centers could have received directly. Simply having more advertisers in the Google Ads bid auction also raises the cost-per-click (CPC). These middle-man costs were pure waste that can now be invested in improving patient care or expanding access to care.

What prompted you to get LegitScript-certified?

Symetria Recovery chose to become LegitScript-certified for access to key advertising channels and to align with the best in the industry. We chose LegitScript Certification because it’s recognized for its stringent standards — mirroring Symetria Recovery’s commitment to excellence. We knew certification would reassure patients of Symetria’s dedication to safe, transparent care.

What online platforms does Symetria advertise on, and why is advertising important for your business?

Symetria Recovery runs advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing), Facebook, and Instagram — all of which require LegitScript Certification. The majority of patients look online for treatment options. Patients cannot come to a treatment center if they don’t know that a treatment center exists.

We chose LegitScript Certification because it’s recognized for its stringent standards — mirroring Symetria Recovery’s commitment to excellence. We knew certification would reassure patients of Symetria’s dedication to safe", transparent care.

Michelle Segovia, Vice President of Marketing at Symetria Recovery


Do you think people are wary about searching for addiction care online? Does certification help build trust?

Hesitance persists in seeking addiction treatment in general. And, in the digital age, trust is paramount. A certification that validates credentials and marketing statements is important for patients to avoid illegitimate bait-and-switch providers.

How was the certification process for you?

The certification process was comprehensive — yet streamlined. The requirements were manageable with Compliance, IT, HR, and Marketing teams working together.

How does LegitScript Certification help you achieve your business goals?

The LegitScript Certification allows us to help 25% more patients. But, this increase is not just a statistic. It represents hundreds of real individuals and their families whose lives are forever transformed.


Are you an addiction treatment provider in the US? Get certified!

Become a certified addiction treatment provider and unlock the benefits of LegitScript Certification today, including the ability to participate in online advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook. Many of the world’s leading companies require or recognize LegitScript Certification.