Dependable Verification and Monitoring of Merchants, Advertisers and Websites

Promoting safety and transparency for online pharmacies and health products

Our mission is to make the Internet pharmacy and health product sector safer and more transparent for both individuals and businesses.

We believe that an individual who wants to purchase pharmaceuticals or health products online has the right to do so safely.

Our team is comprised of savvy tech folks and top-notch analysts who work every day to identify online pharmacies and health products that pose dangers to consumers.

LegitScript was founded in 2007 after its president, John Horton, saw what a huge problem rogue online pharmacies were from his work at the Office of National Drug Control Policy in Washington, DC. He left government to form a private company that would tackle this issue.

Today, companies and governments worldwide - and certainly Internet users who have been harmed or defrauded by these rogue online pharmacies - have also come to realize the seriousness of the rogue online pharmacy problem.

Companies and governments have taken the following actions to tackle the problem of rogue online pharmacies:

  • Several companies voluntarily refuse to do business with rogue online pharmacies.
  • Governments around the world have departments dedicated to protecting their citizens from rogue online pharmacies.

The rogue online pharmacy space is much cleaner than it used to be, but there is still work to be done. With the collaboration of Internet companies, international governments, and Internet users, we envision a future where rogue online pharmacies are displaced by a safer online health marketplace.

What do we mean by
"health products"?

These are products that are typically promoted as dietary or herbal supplements but that are often harmful to your health. Sometimes they contain dangerous ingredients or even hidden pharmaceuticals. LegitScript monitors these products and lets you know which are safe and which aren't.

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