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Reduce Risk in Your Merchant Portfolio

Confidently assess merchant risk of every type, including transaction laundering, to better avoid fines and expand growth opportunities.

No More False Positives, Data Dumps, and Long Risk Exposure Windows

LegitScript Merchant Monitoring helps you quickly and confidently action merchants with accurate and detailed analysis of website content risk that yields nearly zero false positives.


Minimize Risk Exposure

Reduce the risks associated with acquiring merchants in low- and high-risk verticals across the globe to confidently scale your business.


Action With Confidence

Get accurate and detailed merchant analysis from LegitScript investigative analysts and regulatory experts to quickly action merchants and minimize your risk exposure.


Grow Your Business

Identify growth opportunities with support from our policy experts who track regulations and the most extensive data set of merchant activity across the commercial internet.

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Stop Transaction Laundering and Other Complex Forms of Fraud

With a proprietary database comprising more than 15 years of problematic merchant data, our unparalleled view across payments ecosystems makes us the leader in transaction laundering detection.

LegitScript investigative analysts leverage our robust data set and advanced identification technology to:

  • identify violative content
  • perform investigative research
  • identify transaction laundering
  • map out fraud networks
  • stop repeat violators

Avoid Scrutiny and Expensive Card Brand Fines

LegitScript’s unique combination of big data, advanced technology, and human review provides the most accurate merchant content risk monitoring to quickly identify card brand violations across verticals, geographies and languages.

Monitoring for 60+ high-risk verticals:

  • Pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Online gambling
  • Cannabis and CBD
  • Weapons
  • Adult and human trafficking
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Increase Revenue by Exploring New Industries and Markets

Our experts track global regulations across high-risk verticals to help you explore new markets and revenue opportunities with confidence.


Regulatory bodies




High-risk areas

Understand Complex Issues and Stay Ahead of Trends

It's not enough to see that a merchant has been flagged — you need to understand why.

Our subject matter experts, investigative analysts, and regulatory experts contribute to helping you understand complex issues and give you insights into new and emerging trends.


Ready to Learn More?

Learn all about our best-in-class solution and see if it’s right for you and your risk and compliance team.