Dependable Verification and Monitoring of Merchants, Advertisers and Websites

Threat Assessment and Enforcement

Enforcement Report
Threat assessments provide lists
of your biggest brand name abusers.

Did you know that LegitScript's data show there are over 40,000 active rogue online pharmacies at any one time? These bad actors pose a threat to patients and businesses alike.

If you are a company that needs help knowing how to stop rogue online pharmacies from abusing your brand, we can help.

Use our proprietary algorithm to determine which rogue online pharmacies are the biggest threat to your brand.

  • Custom advice on which fake or rogue Internet pharmacies are high-value targets, and why.
  • Expert support on the legalities and appropriate channels for shutting down rogue pharmacies based on Internet compliance rules.
  • Valuable assistance in compiling lists of rogue pharmacies abusing your services.
  • Threat assessments based on our proprietary algorithm that let you know which rogue pharmacies are the top threats to your brand.

Note: LegitScript independently notifies Internet Service Providers and Registrars about rogue Internet pharmacies, but does not do this as a paid service on behalf of any third-party company or individual.

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Does your business need help knowing which online pharmacies or dangerous health merchants are using your platform?

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Did you know?

In 2011, LegitScript notifications helped shut down over 15,000 rogue online pharmacies.