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What You Need to Know About Integrated Care in Addiction Treatment

Integrated care.

LegitScript’s mission is to make the internet and payment ecosystems safer and more transparent. To honor that mission, we’ve opened avenues within our Addiction Treatment Certification program for our clients to confidently and compliantly promote their commitment to integrated care. Read further to learn more about integrated care and its importance in recovery. For more information regarding how to transparently highlight your patient-centered referral partnerships in a manner that is compliant with LegitScript Standards, please contact us.

Stakes Are High During Transitions Between Care

When connecting with an addiction treatment provider, it is crucial that prospective patients understand the services different providers offer. For example, certain inpatient service providers might not offer outpatient services, which are a common aspect of continuing care following inpatient treatment. Alternatively, an outpatient treatment provider might work with mutual support groups or trusted outside organizations that help individuals in recovery secure stable housing or employment.

The transition from one provider to another – and from one level of care to another – is a critical moment on the path to recovery. A smooth transition can aid individuals in keeping their recovery on track, while a disjointed one can be frustrating and lead to the abandonment of the recovery process.

Integrated Care Helps Providers Prevent Patients From Falling Through the Cracks

Clinical referrals are one way to address potential gaps in treatment when a provider is unable to offer the services needed. Via integrated care – collaborating on patients’ treatment plans and considering their recovery journeys holistically – providers are able to offer better options as patients progress from one stage to the next. As the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment notes, collaboration between providers is “crucial for preventing clients from ‘falling through the cracks.’”

It is important clinical referrals are offered safely and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018 make it a crime to knowingly offer, pay, or receive any type of payment or remuneration for referrals to a recovery residence or treatment facility.

Bridging the Gap During Addiction Recovery

LegitScript recognizes that integrated care is an essential tool in connecting patients with the services they need. When trusted addiction treatment providers collaborate to develop a compliant and holistic plan for care, they are better able to bridge the gap between their services and contribute to an individual’s recovery. Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification program evaluates the compliance of referral partnerships between certified clients to elevate the good actors who strive to deliver integrated and patient-centered care.

LegitScript Makes Space for the Compliant Promotion of Integrated Care in Addiction Treatment

Whether you’re a LegitScript-certified addiction treatment provider or just beginning your application, LegitScript is committed to supporting your organization in its mission to provide life-saving addiction treatment services. We’ve opened avenues within our Certification program for our clients to confidently and compliantly promote their commitment to holistic care. In addition to complying with any relevant laws and regulations, the addiction treatment businesses included within a referral partnership that is promoted on a certified website will also need to be LegitScript-certified.

For more information regarding how to transparently highlight your patient-centered referral partnerships in a manner that is compliant with LegitScript Standards please contact us.

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