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Monitoring - Customized Platform Sweeps

Did you know that less than 1 in 200 online pharmacies is legitimate? We keep track of thousands of online pharmacies and dangerous health products so you don't have to. Protect yourself and your customers with customized sweeps of your platform.

Does your business need to make sure its services aren't being used by illegal online pharmacies? Do you need to make sure dangerous health products aren't sold on your platform? LegitScript can help you with both.

Monitoring Report

Monitoring reports include concise platform sweep results.

LegitScript maintains the world's largest database of Internet pharmacies. We also track vendors of dangerous health products such as tainted supplements and so-called legal highs.

Our Customized Platform Sweeps monitor your platform and identify problematic merchants, including rogue online pharmacies and vendors selling dangerous health products. Our clients receive notifications of problematic merchants in easy-to-digest formats like the one above.

From advertisement programs to e-commerce platforms, clients trust our expertise to keep their space clean and their users safe.

Let us help you keep your space free of dangerous online pharmacies and health product merchants.

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Does your business need help knowing how to stop rogue online pharmacies from abusing your brand?

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Did you know?

Estimates show that 96% of websites claiming to sell medicines are out of compliance with U.S. pharmacy laws and practice standards. - Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies