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The Online Risk Management Handbook

A Deep Dive Webinar for Social Media and Marketplace Platforms


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LegitScript is proud to be releasing The Online Risk Management Handbook, a paperback book that consolidates 15+ years of experience in making the internet and payment ecosystems safer and more transparent into the authoritative resource on risk management for social media and marketplace platforms.

The book delivers best practices on navigating the most important challenges that trust and safety, ad operations, and risk and compliance professionals face in their daily work, from hate/harm content, to IP infringement, to navigating highly regulated industries and more.

As part of the launch of the book, LegitScript will be offering a webinar that highlights a few of the most relevant chapters of the book, including:

  • High-risk business models
  • Deceptive practices and techniques
  • Problematic products emerging on marketplaces

Attendees will have the chance to win a free copy of The Online Risk Management Handbook while on the webinar!


Session Speakers

LegitScript employee Charlotte Sperl headshot.

Charlotte Sperl
Senior Analyst, LegitScript

LegitScript employee Olga Miller headshot.

Olga Miller
Analyst, LegitScript