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Graphic depicting custom tags for LegitScript announcement.

Merchant Monitoring: New Release of Custom Tags in MyLS

We are excited to announce the availability of Merchant Monitoring Tags and LS Tags in MyLS to improve risk prediction and specific workflows.

Merchant Monitoring custom Tags and LS Tags allow you to create additional data fields to improve risk prediction and specific workflows.

With Tags, you can create additional data fields that can be applied to merchants you choose, and use these attributes to group merchants or assign merchants to specific workflows. Tags can be applied or removed from merchants through the spreadsheet upload in MyLS, and can be edited for a specific merchant using the Detail View.

In addition to your own Tags, LegitScript is also introducing LS Tags. These allow the LegitScript Merchant Monitoring team to tag merchants with specific attributes and include them in specific workflows, improving the way LegitScript communicates back information about a merchant.

  • Tag-related actions you can take using MyLS:
  • Add Tags to a merchant using the spreadsheet upload (up to 15/merchant)
  • Remove Tags from a merchant using the spreadsheet upload
  • Add or remove tags from a merchant using the Detail View
  • Filter tagged merchants using the List View filter
  • Filter LS tagged merchants using the List View filter
  • Review Tags and LS Tags for merchants in the Merchant List


Examples of how you can use Merchant Monitoring Tags:

  • Group merchants together that you may have identified as part of a trend or that share some special attribute about which LegitScript should be aware.
  • Create a data structure for tracking the reason for your actions on merchants. For example, termination based on an internal decision, or termination based on LegitScript analysis.
  • Track features that your merchants may be utilizing that could inform an actioning matrix or prioritization for your systems.
  • Flag a merchant that has completed a transaction in the past “X” number of days, helping to inform the prioritization of review and action matrices.


LegitScript Tags and LS Tags are also available for use through Version 4 of the Merchant Monitoring API.