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Staff Spotlight: Azen Jaffe

Azen Jaffe is Operations Manager for LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification Program. In the following Q&A, Azen shares about what he finds gratifying about the work he does at LegitScript, and talks about how the people, the culture, and the benefits make LegitScript such a special place to work.

All my time is spent working toward the fulfillment of a mission I believe in. It’s incredibly gratifying to feel invigorated by my work and know that I’m contributing to making the internet safer and more transparent.

Azen Jaffe, Certification

How did you find LegitScript, and what made you interested in applying?

I first heard of LegitScript in 2019 while browsing for employment on LinkedIn. At that time, I had recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College, where I studied history. After graduation I worked briefly in the College Archives & Special Collections, which was a fantastic post-grad opportunity, but only ever intended to be temporary. I was immediately interested in applying for a position at LegitScript because the analyst role seemed like a great entry level position for someone fresh out of college. The rest is history!

When you were an analyst, what did your day-to-day look like?

The majority of my time was spent working with the drug and alcohol addiction treatment organizations who are either applying to be certified in our program or renewing their existing certification. As a Senior Analyst, I spent a good deal of my time working with my fellow leads and contributing to the team's internal policies and documentation.

What is most gratifying about your work?

I hate being bored. Luckily, this isn’t a problem I have at LegitScript. I love that I am constantly communicating, both internally with my team and externally with our clients. My days are spent interacting with amazing colleagues and solving interesting problems. All my time is spent working toward the fulfillment of a mission I believe in. It’s incredibly gratifying to feel invigorated by my work and know that I’m contributing to making the internet safer and more transparent.

What do you enjoy most about your team and the people you work with?

The Certification team is composed of kind, invested, funny, and professional individuals. And the camaraderie on our team is palpable. I really enjoy working with people who I can laugh and have fun with, but also who know how to get down to business and accomplish the tasks which we need to complete.

How would you describe the company culture?

As a company, I think that LegitScript embodies a mindset of growth and continual learning. It is illustrated throughout all levels of the company. I see this in the way that my team shares and embraces feedback. I also see this in the ways that our leadership team strives to offer and improve upon meaningful company benefits. In total, LegitScript is composed of conscientious people who are doing their best to make the company a great place to work and the internet safer and more transparent.

Speak to the company’s values: Be Open, Be Invested, Be Thoughtful, and Be Awesome.

I see LegitScript employees embody these values on a daily basis. But I specifically want to speak to “Be Awesome.” Because my coworkers are awesome! I really enjoy the community we have here. People come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a diverse set of talents, hobbies, and skills. Whether I want to talk about pop culture, or secret Pacific Northwest camping spots, or even fermentation, there is reliably someone at the company who is an expert and wants to chat.

What benefits have been the most meaningful to you?

I’m incredibly appreciative of LegitScript’s generous time off. After graduating from college I wanted to find a meaningful career, but I also knew that I didn’t want my job to consume my life. As a company with an enduring respect for work-life balance, LegitScript has helped me achieve that goal. I’ve grown into my career, transitioning from Analyst I to Analyst II to Senior Analyst, all while continuing to be completely present in my life outside of work. Additionally, I really value LegitScript’s hybrid work environment. Having the opportunity to work remotely is incredible. But I’m also a people-person and it can be really nice to spend a couple days per week in the office.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for a job at LegitScript?

I’ve encouraged a lot of my peers to consider applying for a position at LegitScript and inevitably they’ll ask me if they have the “right” experience. What I always tell them is that LegitScript is seeking to hire thoughtful candidates who can demonstrate their ability to think critically, communicate openly, and embrace feedback. For many analyst positions, there is no direct experience you necessarily need to illustrate. If you can demonstrate that you are a hard worker with sound reasoning you’ll have a competitive edge.

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