Fully Updated Guide for 2021 and Beyond

Top 10 High-risk Trends That Put You at Risk of BRAM and GBPP Fines

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2020 is having a major impact on risk and compliance issues in the payments industry. While the pandemic and economic fallout have been creating new opportunities for cybercriminals, regulators and card brands have been increasing their scrutiny in many high-risk industries. The result is a variety of high-risk trends that are important to watch out for in 2021 and beyond.

In this fully updated guide, LegitScript shares new high-risk trends in e-commerce transactions that all payment service providers should avoid. You will also see case studies of problematic merchants and get additional resources to help answer common questions about these trends and how to navigate them. Topics include:

  • Fraud related to unemployment, such as fake job opportunities
  • Explosive growth and rule changes in telemedicine
  • Services at increased risk for transaction laundering, such as IPTV
  • Dubious business structures, such as multilevel marketing
  • And more!