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Masters Series Certification Status Checker

Track your risk master certification progress as you complete each post-webinar quiz.


2022 Masters Series Status Checker (Level II)

Now that you've completed Level I, watch this four-part webinar series to unlock Level II, and realize your full merchant risk mastery!

2021 Masters Series Status Checker (Level I)

This original three-part webinar series (plus a bonus!) will take you through the steps to becoming a merchant risk master.

What You Can Do with Your Merchant Risk Masters Certificate:
  • Add it to the “Licenses & certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile
  • List it as a certification on your resume and cover letter
  • Share it on social media
  • Become an unbeatable online crime fighting vigilante!

For participants who earned a 2021 certificate, completion of the 2022 Masters Series will earn them a Level 2 Merchant Risk Master certificate. Other participants will earn a Level 1 certificate and can later earn a Level 2 certificate by completing the previous year's courses on demand.