Supplement Website Certification

Show your commitment to compliance with Supplement Website Certification.

Operating a supplement website presents many challenges for business owners, particularly in a world where advertising platforms, e-commerce companies, and banks carefully scrutinize dietary supplements and the websites that sell them.

With Supplement Website Certification, LegitScript experts review and monitor your website for problematic products, ingredients, and marketing claims to help you demonstrate your ongoing commitment to compliance.
Who Supplement Website Certification Applies To:
  • Manufacturer websites selling their own supplement products within the US.
  • Reseller websites primarily selling other supplement manufacturer products within the US.
  • Affiliate websites referring visitors to supplement manufacturer or reseller websites selling within the US.

Why Choose LegitScript

LegitScript Certification offers dietary supplement websites a way to demonstrate credibility and regulatory compliance.
Reduce Advertising Disruptions

Unexpected barriers preventing the launch of your online ad campaign can be frustrating to deal with. With Supplement Website Certification, your website receives a thorough review of products, ingredients, and marketing claims helping you clean up issues that may cause disruptions to your ad campaigns.

Demonstrate Compliance to E-Commerce Companies

With more than 5,500 new dietary supplements being introduced into the global marketplace each year, consumers increasingly turn to online marketplaces to search for and find products. With Supplement Website Certification you can show e-commerce companies that the products being sold on your website are marketed in compliance with FDA and FTC requirements.

Apply for a Merchant Account with Confidence

Supplement merchant accounts are often considered high-risk by payment processing companies. This can result in setup delays, denials, or even account closures. LegitScript works with, and is trusted by, major credit card companies and global payment service providers. Websites with LegitScript Supplement Website Certification can show an upfront commitment to compliance when owners are applying for, or maintaining, a merchant account.

Gain Approval From a Trusted Third Party

As the leading third-party certification expert in complex healthcare sectors, LegitScript has earned the trust of consumers, credit card companies, search engines, and e-commerce companies around the world. Both Google and Amazon reference LegitScript as a trusted expert when it comes to determining the permissibility of supplement products and ingredients.

Certified supplement websites also qualify for assistance with their third-party e-commerce listings:
E-Commerce Platform Assistance

Do you also sell your supplement products through third-party e-commerce platforms? Once your supplement website is certified, you’ll qualify for assistance with your 
e-commerce product listings. As an add-on service, LegitScript will review your product listings and provide recommendations to help reduce the risk of your 
e-commerce store being suspended. Contact us for pricing.

How It Works

LegitScript’s Supplement Website Certification is open to supplement websites selling dietary supplements within the United States.
What else do you need to know?
  • You can apply for LegitScript Certification here.
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received.
  • Once you are certified, you can display the LegitScript Certification Seal on your website
  • Your website will also be searchable on as certified.
  • You can’t just get certified and then drop out of the program: ongoing monitoring is required.

LegitScript also offers a service to help monitor the usage of your brand online. Based on predefined* branded search terms of your choosing, you’ll get regularly scheduled reports based on results from the internet’s top search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others. Our research analysts then review your report and include a summary so that you can easily understand your results and take appropriate action. For further information and pricing, contact us.

For more information, please refer to our Supplement Website Certification Standards and Supplement Website Certification Terms and Conditions.

Supplement Website Certification Webinar

Supplement Website Certification Webinar

Learn more details about LegitScript's certification program for supplement websites.

Certification Pricing

Pricing is based on a website with between 101-5,000 products. If you operate a small business website with fewer than 100 products, you may be eligible for a discount. For large websites with more than 5,000 products, please contact us for pricing.

Website Status (101-5,000 Products)One-Time Application Fee**Annual Fee***
Supplement Website$2,495$3,995
Probationary Website****$2,495$6,995

* Includes three to five branded terms.

** The application fee is nonrefundable.

*** Annual monitoring fees will be applicable upon certification.

**** The purpose of probationary status is to provide a path forward for websites with a past history of significant compliance issues. Probationary certification will be granted in cases where LegitScript determines, through the application review, that a website is now in compliance with LegitScript certification standards.

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