Platform Monitoring

Protect your internet platform from problematic content and advertisers engaged in illicit activity.

LegitScript keeps track of more than 1.3 million advertising and e-commerce listings per day.

Platform monitoring uncovers advertisers and merchants engaged in illicit activity or activity that violates your policies. LegitScript combines advanced technology with a team of human experts to keep internet, advertising, and e-commerce platforms clean so you can protect against regulatory and reputational risk.

“Of the 35,000 active online drug sellers, 96% do not comply with applicable laws and pharmacy standards.”

Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies,, 2017.

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Why Choose LegitScript

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of expensive fines by monitoring problematic content through ongoing platform sweeps. This helps you proactively screen and prevent abusive activity. Proactive screening also helps protect your company against regulatory and reputational risk of illicit activities on your platform.

Keep Customers Safe

LegitScript reports problematic content so you can remove it from your platform and improve the quality of your customers’ visit — and repeat visit —experience. Keeping your platform clean allows you to protect your customers from illicit content and criminal networks so they feel safe visiting and using your platform.

Get Expert, International Coverage

LegitScript has you covered. We expertly monitor pharmaceuticals, supplements, psychoactive highs (designer drugs), alcohol, tobacco, and other high-risk or prohibited content. Our analysts are also global compliance experts, with multinational backgrounds covering more than 20 countries and 15 languages.

Work With a Trusted Partner

LegitScript is trusted by major search engines and internet platforms around the world. Since LegitScript began monitoring healthcare ads on Google and Bing, problematic ads on these platforms dropped by 99.8% (Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies, 2016).

How It Works

LegitScript monitors your platform and identifies problematic merchants, including rogue online pharmacies and other merchants selling high-risk products. You receive timely notifications of problematic merchants in an easy-to-digest format.

Fewer than 1 in 200 online pharmacies are legitimate. At LegitScript, we keep track of thousands of internet pharmacies and dangerous health products so you don't have to. LegitScript maintains the world's largest database of internet pharmacies, and track merchants of dangerous health products such as tainted supplements and "legal highs."

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