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Navigating State and Federal Regulations for Topical CBD Products

Thursday, July 18, at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific
60 Minutes

In the rapidly evolving landscape of CBD products, understanding and adhering to both federal and state regulations in the US is paramount for businesses seeking success and longevity. In this webinar, our CBD policy experts give an overview of the intricate legal framework surrounding topical CBD products, ensuring that businesses not only meet the necessary standards but thrive in an industry driven by compliance.

We'll answer important questions such as:

  • What is the latest on federal regulation of CBD in the US?
  • What are permissible and impermissible product types?
  • What are examples of misleading claims?
  • What are some noteworthy state-specific laws to be aware of?
  • How can we work with CBD sellers while reducing compliance risk?

We'll also take your questions about CBD. Attendees will get a free copy of our CBD Compliance Guide.

Register today, even if you're unable to make it. We'll send out a recording of the webinar to all who have signed up.