New Certification Pricing for Individual Practitioners of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Since the launch of our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification, more than 900 applicants and 2,000 individual facilities have become LegitScript-certified. Now, LegitScript is pleased to announce an option that puts certification within reach for individual practitioners of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

We've heard from many individual practitioners who want to get LegitScript-certified but for whom the current structure and pricing of LegitScript's Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification was a barrier for the size and scope of their operations. LegitScript's new option for individual practitioners provides the same benefits of Legitscript certification but at a pricing tier that is within reach of those with smaller practices.

Not only do certified practitioners demonstrate compliance and build trust with prospective patients, but they are able to take advantage of online advertising through Facebook, Google, and Bing. LegitScript provides the only certification service for drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers that is relied on by Facebook, Google, and Bing to vet advertisers for eligibility. As more people turn to the internet - and social media in particular - for information and resources about addiction treatment, advertising on these platforms is critical for informing those in need about your services.

The nonrefundable application fee for eligible individual practitioners is $495, and the recurring annual fee is $995. Those who qualify for individual practitioner pricing may have no more than three practitioners in their practice, and these practitioners must be unaffiliated with larger treatment organizations. Applicants must have one website and one physical location to qualify. For more information about certification qualifications, please see our certification standards and our terms and conditions.

Since its creation, LegitScript's Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification has helped providers unlock their advertising potential, stand out from the crowd, and gain approval from a trusted third party. Now, these benefits are within reach of individual practitioners, too.

For more information about LegitScript certification, see our addiction treatment page. If you're ready to get certified, start your application today.