3 Things to Know About LegitScript’s Deep Dive Webinar Series

This image depicts a statue that commonly represents justice. This is for the Deep Dive Webinar Series.

These three (and free) one-hour webinars take a deep dive into the regulatory landscape of rapidly evolving high-risk industries. Are you a professional in payments risk & compliance or internet trust & safety? Read more to understand why you should register.

Take a Deep Dive Into These Three Webinars

LegitScript will host a three-part webinar series covering three different industries — cannabis, tobacco and vaping, and weapons. In each course, we’ll discuss the current regulatory landscape within each industry, recent enforcement changes, problematic merchants and tactics, and potential opportunities for your business.

🚩  Each course is approved for one hour of ETA continuing education credit.



Here are three things to know about the series.

1. We Dive Deep Into Cannabis Regulations

On Thursday, February 23 at 10 a.m. Pacific, LegitScript experts discuss the cannabis landscape, the potential for new regulations surrounding CBD in food and supplements, alternative cannabinoid products like delta-8 THC, and more.

Curious about other cannabis related high-risk trends? Watch this webinar, and then register for the series.


2. Tobacco and Vaping Products Keep Surfacing Despite New Rules

On Thursday, April 20 at 10 a.m. Pacific, LegitScript regulatory experts discuss the Federal Trade Commission’s 2022 report on e-cigarette sales and advertising, and tactics problematic merchants use that you should be aware of.

Want to read more about the report? Satisfy your curiosity about how flavored vapes are flourishing after the FDA banned them then register for the full series.


3. Take the Plunge Into the World of Weapons Sales

On Thursday, June 29 at 10 a.m. Pacific we plunge into two big changes impacting the weapons landscape: the latest rules preventing the sale of unregistered gun parts and the new merchant category codes that track them.

Want to learn more now about unregistered gun parts? Discover the world of unlicensed “ghost guns”.


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