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Seasonal High-risk Trends to Watch Out For Throughout the Year

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Although the methods of cybercrime can change, many illicit offerings online remain the same year after year. Cybercriminals are, after all, rational opportunists who stick to the most popular illicit offerings and wait for the best occasions to sell them. For this reason, many high-risk trends emerge annually as a result of weather, holidays, special events, and other recurring incidents.

In this webinar, LegitScript looks at seasonal high-risk trends in card-not-present transactions that payments companies and internet platforms should be aware of throughout the year. You will also see examples of problematic merchants and find additional resources to help answer common questions about these recurring trends, which include:

  • New year weight-loss products
  • IP infringement during major sporting events
  • Illicit fireworks during national holidays
  • Decorative contact lenses during Halloween
  • And many more!

Attendees will also have the chance to get our Seasonal High-risk Trends Guide that goes into even greater detail. Register today!

This webinar is approved for one hour of ETA continuing education credit.