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How To Get Your LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

A young man seeking addiction treatment for alcohol.

LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification application process is rigorous so that patients and their families can have confidence that certified providers have been thoroughly vetted. Because of its thorough nature, prospective applicants often ask what the process entails. To help prepare you, we’ve compiled these step-by-step instructions so that you’ll have everything you need when you’re ready to apply.


Addiction Treatment Seekers Use Google To Find Providers

Did you know that 86% of addiction treatment seekers use a Google search before scheduling an appointment? LegitScript is the only certifying body recognized by Google, Bing, and Facebook to vet advertisers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.


Different from accreditation, which looks at the quality of care, LegitScript certification looks at business practices to address issues of noncompliance and help providers ensure transparency online.


Want to know what it takes to get started and take advantage of the benefits of certification? We’ve compiled some tips, a list of steps you need to complete the application process, and information on what to do once you’ve submitted your application. Let’s get started.


Preparing to Apply for LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

It’s important to understand the fee structure before starting your application. See the figure below for facility pricing. Our pricing model is based on a per-facility structure — we can review and certify any number of websites at no additional cost per website. However, any additional treatment facilities listed on a website will also need to be reviewed and as such will be subject to additional facility fees.

Additionally, we offer a hardship waiver for qualifying nonprofits. If the nonprofit can demonstrate that it has less than $150,000 in net assets, it may apply for a hardship fee waiver. If granted, LegitScript will waive any certification fees for one year.

Facility Pricing
Number of Unique Facilities Application Fee Per Unique Facility** Annual Fee Per Unique Facility***
1 to 9 $1,595 USD $3,095 USD
10 to 24 $1,495 USD $2,775 USD
25 to 49 $1,395 USD $2,550 USD
50 to 99 $1,175 USD $2,350 USD
100+ $1,075 USD $2,125 USD

Organizational pricing is on a per-facility basis and will depend on the number of unique facilities you have. If you are seeking certification for a government-affiliated domain, please contact us.

LegitScript considers the number of "unique facilities" to be the number of distinct corporate entities you have, as defined by Secretary of State filings, that are providing addiction treatment services, OR the number of distinct locations you have that are providing addiction treatment services, even if under the same corporate registration.

Keep in mind our reduced certification pricing for individual practitioners. And if you’re looking for a more detailed description of our pricing structure, download the Addiction Treatment Certification Primer at the button below.

Ensure You Have the Proper Documentation Before You Apply

The final step in preparation for the application is ensuring you have all of the required documentation.

Here is a list of the basic documentation required:

  • Business Registration Information
    • Business registration numbers can vary depending on the state; however, most corporate entities must be registered and filed with the Secretary of State. We ask that you provide the Secretary of State filings for each state in which your organization provides addiction treatment services.
  • Licensure or registration information for your treatment facilities and Key Treatment Providers
    • We define Key Treatment Providers as any full-time, part-time, or contracted staff member employed in a position that requires a state, federal, or professional license. This includes but is not limited to, doctors, nurses, therapists, and social workers. We ask that you please include Key Treatment Provider names, job titles, and license numbers.
  • DEA registration numbers, if applicable


All the licensure information above may all be included with the licensure spreadsheet. We ask every applicant to complete it during the application process. Get started by downloading the licensure spreadsheet here.

Additional documentation also includes:

  • Liability insurance
  • Treatment services
  • Incentives
  • Controlled substances
  • Audits and inspections
  • Prior discipline
  • Location information
  • Affiliate information
  • Domain name registration
  • Privacy policy

Download the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification Questionnaire for detailed information into these requirements.



Once you feel confident you understand the cost associated with certification and the documentation you’ll need to apply, you can begin the process.


Steps to Get Your LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

LegitScript’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification differentiates your services from other addiction treatment services. In an industry that has historically struggled with unethical operators, the LegitScript seal confirms with prospective patients that you are operating transparently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The certification process is rigorous because we hold applicants to a high standard. Read the steps below to ensure a faster application process, and consider expediting your application if needed.

LegitScript offers an expedited processing service for an additional fee for applicants wanting to expedite the start of their application review. Generally, applications are processed in the order that they are received. Adding the Expedited Processing Service ensures that an application is added to the expedited queue. Note that this service does not shorten the length of the certification review, but will result in the certification review beginning sooner. For further information and pricing, create an account at


1. Create an account.

Go to to create an account and enter your contact information. Once you have set up an account, you’ll be ready to proceed.

2. Pay the application fee.

Once you’ve created an account you’ll need to pay the application fee. The annual subscription fee is due after our review is completed and upon certification.

TIP: Expedited processing can be added during this step in the process.

3. Ensure all documentation is complete.

One of the primary issues that delay certification is missing documentation. Download our questionnaire at the button below for a complete list of questions included on the application, and the subsequent documentation LegitScript requires.



TIP: The licensure spreadsheet is the most commonly forgotten document. We are also unable to complete our review until all addiction treatment websites you're applying to certify feature a HIPAA-compliant and publicly accessible privacy policy. For your reference, you may wish to review the Department of Health and Human Services' Model Notices of Privacy Practices. Finally, expedited processing can also be added during this step of the application process.

4. Clarify and remediate.

As LegitScript analysts review your application, they may have questions or need additional information. Your prompt response ensures timely review. To receive certification your business will have to demonstrate compliance with our standards and terms & conditions.


After Submitting Your LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification Application

Are you wondering what happens to your application once it’s submitted? First, it is screened for completeness by an internal team. Once the screening process is complete, your application is submitted to the analyst team to ensure providers are compliant with all local and national laws, and regulations, as well as our Certification Standards and Terms & Conditions.

Is LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification Right For You?

Are you an addiction treatment facility, an individual practitioner, a crisis hotline, or a mutual support group? LegitScript is the industry leader in merchant and advertiser certification and monitoring in the e-commerce and payment sectors. Click the button below to contact us with additional questions you may have about obtaining your Addiction Treatment Certification.

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