Addiction Treatment Certification:
Process & Pricing

When you apply for LegitScript's Addiction Treatment Certification, you'll be asked to answer questions and provide documentation that demonstrate your compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We don't cut corners on our process because we're dedicated to helping legitimate providers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services, including in-person addiction treatment, mutual support groups, and crisis hotlines, understand and achieve compliance.
Here's what you can expect.

Those who committed bad practices really hurt the industry and displaced the trust of many. However, if you want to increase visibility and support ethical standards in our industry, LegitScript is worth the expense.

- Nancy Belknap, certified counselor

Certification Pricing
Shane Leonard


Shane Leonard co-founded Into Action Recovery Centers (IARC) in 2010 with a sincere desire to assist others in recovering from addiction. His goals for IARC are to provide a local resource for quality treatment at an affordable cost in an environment that is most conducive to positive outcomes. To help with that, he turned to LegitScript.

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Certification Pricing

Pricing is available on a per-facility basis, with a special pricing tier available for individual practitioners.

Facility Pricing
Number of Unique Facilities Application Fee Per Unique Facility** Annual Fee Per Unique Facility***
1 to 9 $1,595 USD $3,095 USD
10 to 24 $1,495 USD $2,775 USD
25 to 49 $1,395 USD $2,550 USD
50 to 99 $1,175 USD $2,350 USD
100+ $1,075 USD $2,125 USD

Organizational pricing is on a per-facility basis and will depend on the number of unique facilities you have. If you are seeking certification for a government-affiliated domain, please contact us.

LegitScript considers the number of "unique facilities" to be the number of distinct corporate entities you have, as defined by Secretary of State filings, that are providing addiction treatment services, OR the number of distinct locations you have that are providing addiction treatment services, even if under the same corporate registration.

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Individual Practitioner Pricing
Application Fee** Annual Fee***
$535 USD $1,070 USD

LegitScript supports independent practitioners who want to get certified. Pricing above is for practices that have one to three practitioners, one physical location, one website, and whose practitioners have no affiliation with a larger addiction treatment organization.

** The application fee is nonrefundable.
*** Annual monitoring fees will be applicable upon certification. Ongoing monitoring ensures that facilities stay in compliance after they have been certified. Qualifying nonprofits that are facing hardship may have their annual fee waived when they declare hardship during the application process. LegitScript will determine eligibility based on data provided on the hardship form.