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LegitScript Celebrates National Recovery Month — Here’s Why

National Recovery Month

In service of LegitScript’s mission of furthering safety and transparency for the commercial internet, we join the recovery community in celebrating Recovery Month this September. Read further to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind LegitScript’s support. Then, apply for our Addiction Treatment Certification during National Recovery Month and save $2,500.

LegitScript Celebrates National Recovery Month

This annual observance provides an opportunity to both increase awareness around mental illness and addiction, and celebrate individuals in recovery. The observance serves as a reminder that substance use treatment and mental health services can help people with mental or substance use disorders live healthy and rewarding lives.

Initially organized in 1989 by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Recovery Month is now in its 34th year. While SAMHSA still celebrates Recovery Month, Faces and Voices of Recovery and other stakeholders now organize the event. The perennial theme is Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.

Experiencing substance use disorder can be isolating, but it is far from uncommon.

In a study published in July 2023, SAMHSA estimated there were more than 7 million drug-related hospital visits in the US during 2022.

Substance Use Disorders Are Painful and Pervasive

Although substance use disorder is a pervasive, complex, and painful problem, evidence-based treatment is a real and increasingly common pathway to recovery. A study completed by the Recovery Research Institute, a part of Massachusetts General Hospital and affiliated with Harvard Medical School, found that 9% of Americans report having resolved a significant substance use problem.

Separately, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers established the Foundation for Recovery Science and Education (FoRSE) as part of an effort to accurately document the effectiveness of addiction treatment programs. FoRSE’s first report, published earlier this year, encompassed more than 150,000 unique points of patient data as reported by 55 different organizations. The report found patients’ use of substances, as well as their symptoms of depression and anxiety, dropped during treatment and remained lower for a full year after discharge.

Apply For Our Expedited Processing Service During National Recovery Month And Save $2,500

In support of Recovery Month and in furtherance of our mission, LegitScript is pleased to waive fees for our Expedited Processing Service for new Addiction Treatment Certification applicants who apply in September using the promo code RM-SEP2023. By adding the Expedited Processing Service to your certification application, you will be placed in the expedited queue, which initiates your certification review process sooner. LegitScript aims to clear pathways for facilities that meet our rigorous standards to more easily reach those most in need.

To start your application and save $2,500 on the Expedited Processing Service, click on the button below.

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