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LegitScript Relaunches Its Addiction Treatment Certification Advisory Committee — and Seeks New Members

LegitScript updates advisory committee policies and seeks to invite new members.

In an effort to strengthen avenues of communication and identify opportunities for optimizing the client journey, LegitScript is relaunching its Addiction Treatment Certification Advisory Committee. Keep reading to learn how this may impact you.

LegitScript Bolsters Collaboration Efforts With Organizations Providing Life-saving Care

According to a recent study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), roughly 70 million US adults report having struggled with a substance use and/or mental health problem.

In order to address this rising number, among many policy recommendations, SAMHSA also points to the importance of improving access to affordable and high-quality substance use treatment services. SAMHSA’s guidance aligns with LegitScript’s commitment to connecting individuals in need with good actors providing important addiction treatment services.

In order to fulfill this mission, LegitScript is bolstering our collaboration with organizations providing life-saving care. Now, more than ever, it is vital to foster communication and constructive dialogue between our company and the addiction treatment industry more broadly.

LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification Advisory Committee aims to cultivate dialogue and ensure the continued improvement of LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification program.

We’re Bolstering Efforts by Revitalizing Our Advisory Committee

In its original establishment, the Advisory Committee initially consisted of representatives from Center on Addiction, Partnership for Drug Free Kids, Facing Addiction, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), as well as one nominated certified entity that was intended to rotate on an annual basis.

Over the last few months, LegitScript has focused internally on revitalizing and relaunching our Advisory Committee to better serve the addiction treatment community.

In establishing the present version of the Committee, we revisited and redefined the Committee's goals and membership. With the Advisory Committee, LegitScript hopes to continue actively participating in the addiction treatment industry, trends, and discourse.

LegitScript is excited to welcome and work with a newly revitalized Advisory Committee. In doing so, we will be able to strengthen avenues of communication and identify opportunities for optimizing the client journey for our applicants and existing certified clients.

LegitScript Is Selecting Candidates From Our Base of LegitScript-certified Providers

We are in the process of selecting candidates. Our renewed intention for Committee membership is that the majority of Committee seats be filled by LegitScript-certified providers. The addiction treatment industry is composed of a diverse spectrum of providers. From independent practitioners to clinics focused on culturally specific care, LegitScript believes that the Advisory Committee should offer opportunities for representatives from a variety of essential LegitScript-certified groups to have a voice.

Organizations that have been selected as potential Committee members can expect to receive an invitation within the coming months. From there, our intention is for the first Advisory Committee meeting to take place in early 2024.

In the end, an improved process and more constructive communication will only further our collective goal of connecting those seeking care with trusted addiction treatment providers.

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