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Questions and Answers on LegitScript’s Termination of Steroids Websites, a steroid law reform website, emailed us with some questions about our request to GoDaddy and other US-based registrars to terminate some steroids websites. (See Mesomorphosis’ blog on the same topic.) Most, but not all, of the websites were terminated. Mesomorphosis asked some great questions, and we’re happy to answer them below. (NOTE: We […]

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The Economy and Prescription Drugs

These days, the economy affects just about every aspect of our lives. The big decisions, like buying a new car or trying to get that small business loan, are being shelved while we wait for friendlier financial times. And increasingly, the smaller, everyday decisions are getting more scrutiny as our collective wallet tightens. One of […]

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ZDNet’s Blog, and: Whither Affiliate Registrant Liability?

Following on our recent blog about affiliate pharmacy networks, ZDNet had a blog from Ryan Naraine, Dancho Danchev & Adam O’Donnell about the structure of pharmaceutical affiliate networks. One excerpt from the blog is revealing: So once you’ve been approved as an affiliate and receive your unique tracking code, you’re free to choose the pharmaceutical […]

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President signs Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act

Today, President Bush signed the Ryan Haight Online Consumer Protection Act. LegitScript’s President co-authored an op-ed more than a year and a half ago calling for the Act to be passed. We’re glad to see it finally has become law. (But, as we’ve noted before, it only applies to domestic websites selling controlled substance prescription […]

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FTC, AffKing, and some thoughts about affiliate networks

The Federal Trade Commission’s announcement today that they have frozen the assets and “shut down” the AffKing pharmaceutical spam network (also known as “Canadian Healthcare” or, in earlier iterations, “Target Pharmacy,” “Worldwide Wholesale Pharmacy,” “Direct Pharmacy,” and later “Canadian Drugstore”) highlights a small quandary for LegitScript: How do we treat Internet pharmacy affiliate networks? AffKing, […]

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The family of Justin Pearson, who died from an overdose of drugs purchased from a rogue online pharmacy, and the Minnesota Pharmacists Association have launched a new website,, to educate Internet users about the dangers of “rogue” Internet pharmacies. We’re glad to see the website, and we take a moment to remember the tragedy […]

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A Different Perspective on the Reason for the Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act

There’s been a good amount of debate by respected bloggers (see, e.g., InternetDrugLaw and InternetPharmacyLaw about what the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Act, now on the President’s desk for signing, really means. Specifically, if this bill requires a prior in-person examination in order for a controlled substance prescription to be lawful, does that mean […]

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Florida AG goes after

The Florida Attorney General announced a lawsuit against Internet pharmacy for engaging in a “bait and switch” scheme. (We put on our unapproved list some time ago.) According to WMBB News 13, the website’s fine print specified that if the prescription form wasn’t sent in within three days by the doctor, the website […]

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LegitScript adds last online/offline functionality

LegitScript’s tech team just added a pretty cool little feature to our website: an indication of whether a particular online pharmacy is online or offline. Although it’s not particularly meaningful if looking at just one website (after all, you could just go to that website to see if it’s online or not), it’s a really […]

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President Awaiting New Online Pharmacy Legislation

The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act just passed the House and will hit the Senate (very likely a pro forma vote) before going to the President’s desk for his signature. For those hoping for a veto: No chance. President Bush will sign the bill. Top officials at the DEA, ONDCP and FDA started […]

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