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LegitScript Standard 9: Website Transparency

The ninth LegitScript Standard has to do with how up front an Internet pharmacy is about its business practices. As you might have guessed, LegitScript requires that our approved pharmacy websites are highly transparent about how they conduct business. LegitScript Standard 9: Website transparency. The pharmacy must not engage in practices or extend offers on…

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Who Funds LegitScript? Find the Answer Here

LegitScript is 100% owned by its employees. Our start-up funding was provided 100% by our staff. Additionally, we don’t accept money from the pharmacies we monitor, specifically to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. We also haven’t accepted any investment or financial control or interest from or by any pharmacy, pharmaceutical manfacturer, pharmaceutical wholesaler,…

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LegitScript designates RxAff websites as dangerous “rogue” Internet pharmacies

We just added websites within the RxAff network to our “rogue Internet pharmacies” list. These websites are “fake” Internet pharmacies: not licensed in any US state, they pretend to operate safely and legitimately, but actually, they are breaking every law in the book. In fact: 1. The drugs, including controlled substances, are sold without a…

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LegitScript Standard 8: Patient Services

LegitScript Standard #8 is a good example of how we hold pharmacy websites to the same standards as brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This standard has to do with pharmacy website transparency regarding their location and contact information. Standard 8: Patient services. The pharmacy must provide on the website an accurate US street address of the dispensing pharmacy…

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NABP announces Vet Pharmacy Program

Great news on the Internet pharmacy front for pets! The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has announced a new program for accrediting pet Internet pharmacies, Vet-VIPPS. Although not as commonly discussed, some online pet pharmacies also cut corners, dispensing prescription drugs to a pet owner even though the veterinarian didn’t physically examine the animal.…

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LegitScript Standard #7: Privacy

LegitScript’s 7th standard relates to something most of us are concerned about when it comes to the Internet: Privacy. Standard 7: Privacy. If the pharmacy website transmits information that would be considered Protected Health Information (PHI) under the HIPAA Privacy Rule (45 CRF 164), the information must be transmitted in accordance with HIPAA requirements, including…

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LegitScript Standard 6: Legal Compliance

The sixth LegitScript standard is pretty straightforward. It requires that LegitScript only approves pharmacy websites that act lawfully. Standard 6: Legal compliance. The pharmacy must comply with all provisions of federal and state law, including but not limited to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Federal Controlled Substances Act (including the provisions…

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FDA: Beware Internet Diet Pills

Quiz: If you want to sell prescription-only weight-loss drugs, but want to avoid scrutiny as an Internet pharmacy, what do you do? Answer: Claim to only sell “herbal” products…and then spike them with the prescription-only chemicals. In a troubling new trend, some supposedly “herbal” diet pills, ordered mainly online, actually contain prescription substances, as well…

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LegitScript Standard #5: Valid Prescription

The fifth LegitScript standard has to do with what it means to have a valid prescription for a prescription medication. Perhaps no other standard is the subject of so much debate (see, e.g., the Internet Drug Law blog), and no other issue has been so exploited by rogue Internet pharmacies for their own financial gain.…

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LegitScript Standard #4: Pharmacy Location

Next up in our discussion of LegitScript standards is a seemingly simple, but very important standard. Standard 4: Pharmacy location. The pharmacy must be domiciled in the United States. What does it mean? It may seem self-explanatory, but we’ve actually had a lot of inquiries about this being one of the standards we use to…

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