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2022 Merchant Risk Masters Series

Attend four free courses and pass quizzes on transaction laundering trends, monitoring merchant website changes, understanding problematic claims, and key risk trends to become a certified merchant risk master.

Become a Certified Merchant Risk Master

Following 2021's wildly popular Merchant Risk Masters Series, LegitScript is bringing you a new edition of the Masters Series with fresh content, new topics, and more.

The Merchant Risk Masters Series is a free educational webinar series for payments risk and compliance professionals. Offering four complementary courses, the 2022 Merchant Risk Masters Series delivers one-hour webinars on transaction laundering, how to effectively monitor merchant website changes, problematic claims, and key trends in payments risk and compliance that professionals can attend to earn a merchant risk master certification to add to their LinkedIn profiles.

What You Will Get:
  • Four one-hour educational webinars on the following topics: transaction laundering, how to effectively monitor merchant website changes, problematic claims, and key trends in payments risk and compliance (crypto, BNPL, and more!)
  • One-hour of ETA CPP continuing education credit per webinar
  • A Merchant Risk Master Certificate*
    • If you are already a certified Merchant Risk Master, you can achieve Merchant Risk Master Level II status by completing your 2022 certificate

*Must attend all webinars and successfully complete a follow-up quiz for each to earn the Merchant Risk Master Certificate. Webinars can be watched live or on-demand if you can’t attend the live session.

Hear What Other Payments Professionals Say About LegitScript:

"Great resource to get additional information or resources for policy development."

"They're thorough, knowledgeable, don't oversell themselves, provide a high quality consistent deliverable, and are super responsive."

“I have been a LegitScript client for more than 10 years. You remain the industry leader, continue to increase capabilities, and provide excellent customer service.”

What You Can Do with Your Merchant Risk Masters Certificate:
  • Add it to the “Licenses & certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile
  • List it as a certification on your resume and cover letter
  • Share it on social media
  • Become an unbeatable online crime fighting vigilante!

For participants who earned a certificate last year, completion of this year's Masters Series will earn them a Level 2 Merchant Risk Master certificate. Other participants will earn a Level 1 certificate and can later earn a Level 2 certificate by completing the previous year's courses on demand.

Skills You Will Learn:
  • The latest methodologies for detecting transaction laundering
  • Best practices for monitoring ongoing changes to your merchant’s website content
  • How to identify problematic claims on your merchant’s website
  • Need-to-know risk and compliance best practices around the latest trends in payments from crypto, to buy now pay later, and more
Transaction Laundering Trends and Tips for 2022


Transaction laundering is a powerful tool cybercriminals use to obtain a merchant account under false pretenses. Because credit card processing is so valuable for online commerce, bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to trick the underwriting process and infiltrate the payments ecosystem.

In this course we’ll discuss the latest trends in transaction laundering and share tips for mitigating your risk.

Effectively Monitoring Changes to Websites and Products


A substantial shift to e-commerce in the past two years has upended underwriting processes and required new approaches to monitoring merchants online. Furthermore, changes to the economy, the supply chain, and consumer demand has merchants frequently updating their websites and inventory. It’s difficult for payment service providers to keep up.

In this course, we look at ways to effectively monitor changes to merchant websites and products. We’ll offer tips to “triage” a website to quickly identify the most likely problematic text and products. You’ll also learn where to look to identify hidden merchant behavior that may violate the law or your terms and conditions.

Problematic Claims: Understanding What Your Merchants Can and Can't Say


A greater reliance on e-commerce in recent years has brought many new merchants online who may be unaware of the limitations on how they can describe their products or services. Any business is at risk of making deceptive or problematic marketing claims, which is why it’s important for payment service providers to understand what merchants can and can’t say.

In this course, you’ll learn the top categories that are most frequently the subject of problematic claims, and hear about the latest enforcement efforts regarding claims.

Trending High-risk Topics in 2022


The changing regulatory landscape often dictates changing approaches to various high-risk industries. It’s important to stay abreast of these changes to know whether your merchants are operating in compliance with local and federal regulations.

In this course, our regulatory experts will highlight some of the most talked-about issues and trends they foresee in 2022 and beyond.

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Masters Series Status Checker

Are you unsure if you've completed all of your quizzes, or need a link to one? Visit your personalized Masters Series Certification Status Checker page to see where you stand! (Note: quiz links are provided at the end of each webinar.)