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We understand how complex the online healthcare market is, which is why we can help you navigate it.

LegitScript has the world's largest database of problematic dietary supplements, designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products. And our team of regulatory experts proactively identifies and adds more every day.

With a LegitScript Database Lookups subscription, you get access to more than 150,000 product listings with country-specific regulatory information — so you know what merchants to trust and what problematic products and websites to avoid.

Let’s Put a Stop to Problematic Products and Websites
Dietary supplements? Online pharmacies? Addiction treatment? We can help you verify it.

Our experts are in constant pursuit of new information to update our database so you’ll always know you have the most accurate and current answers.

With a LegitScript database subscription, you get access to 500 product lookups and 500 website lookups each month, providing you with the detailed information you need, when you need it.

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Global Insight at Scale and at Your Fingertips
60 countries. 175 regulatory bodies. LegitScript’s database is about as international as it gets.

Got merchants selling in different countries? Easy. We have regulatory information from around the world, so you know what products and ingredients are permissible and where.

Whether you need to search globally or specific to one country, an extended database lookup subscription means you’ll always get the answers you need.

Stay Up to Date on Emerging Trends and Threats
  • Healthcare Products by the Numbers: Insights from 155,000+ products in the LegitScript database.

  • Top 10 Problematic Ingredients: The most problematic ingredients in dietary supplements.

  • Dietary Supplements FAQ: Learn about dietary supplements and the claims that can violate policies.

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