Resources for Registrars and Registries

LegitScript is pleased to provide complimentary resources for domain name registrars, registries, and hosting providers interested in implementing voluntary policies to prohibit rogue internet pharmacies from using their services.
For companies that already take voluntary anti-abuse steps against rogue internet pharmacies, these resources are intended to help make the process easier. For companies without such policies, we hope that these documents will encourage you to consider voluntarily adopting these or similar policies and procedures.

Internet Pharmacy Guide for Domain Name Registrars and Registries

This guide is intended to be a single reference point for information about the rules that govern internet prescription drug sales in the jurisdictions most commonly targeted by internet pharmacies, the risks posed by “rogue” internet pharmacies, and recommended “best practices.”

Country-by-Country Internet Pharmacy Regulations Guide

This policy guide provides a breakdown of the laws that internet pharmacies must follow if shipping to or within different countries.

Cheat Sheet for Domain Name Registrars and Registries

This one-page overview summarizes how to evaluate internet pharmacy complaints, covering general principles, licensure, prescriptions, and foreign sales.

What Makes an Internet Pharmacy Rogue?

Learn about the types of activities rogue internet pharmacies are typically engaged in.